Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Schwartzes vs 2015 Ornament Selection

Every year we buy the kids a new ornament. My mom always bought a new ornament for each of us growing up every year and it was neat to get them all when I got married. Our ornaments were pretty eclectic and came from wherever mom saw something she liked. Chris's mom collects Hallmark ornaments so he is use to a beautifully appointed Hallmark tree. So we compromised and all my crazy ornaments go on the tree, but the ornaments we collect for the kids come from Hallmark. We take them to the store each year and now that they are old enough they get to pick out their own. Their boxes are labeled but I just realized I should probably start writing a little blurb somewhere so the kids will know when they are 40 why they have some of the random ornaments we let them pick. (But I do veto some, for example a couple years ago Sarah really wanted a boob-tastic looking Marilyn Monroe ornament. yeah, no.)

(1) Chris: 1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator--Chris doesn't always pick out an ornament for him. It just depends on if he sees something he likes. But this one basically jumped off the shelf. He saw it and immediately wanted it! He loves Cougars so of course this will have a place of honor on our tree.

(2) Charlie: Puppy Love--Charlie wasn't into picking out an ornament this year, there were too many other things he wanted to touch in the store. So Chris and I decided on this random dog one because Charlie LOVES puppies. He actually only has one animal word, and it's "puppies!"

(3) Cody: Holiday Darth Vader--So this would normally be one that I veto. Do I really want Darth wearing a Christmas sweater on my tree--no. But Cody is obsessed with Darth Vader right now. He dresses up in his Darth costume a few times a week. He has 4 different Darth shirts and so help me if at least one of them isn't clean it's a struggle to get dressed. So while I was sad he didn't pick an airplane this year like he did the past 2 years, I couldn't deny that for this year Darth was the best choice.

(4) Sarah: Princess Anna--Sarah has quite a few princesses so I wasn't surprised when she picked this one. She quickly picked it out to go with her Elsa one she either got last year or the year before, I can't remember. (Which is probably why it's good that I'm finally starting to write all this down.) On the way home from the store she made sure that I knew she wants to hang her new Anna next to her Elsa cause they are sisters. Got it sweetie.  :)

(5) Natalie&Chris: It Takes Two--So Chris and I always pick out an ornament too. And while we don't necessarily collect a certain series it seems like we kind of do. I noticed last year we pretty much buy either a snowman couple or a Micky and Minnie ornament each year. So while we were at the store picking out our ornament I think we decided to just start collecting the Micky & Minnie one.   So ta da!

Hopefully we'll finally get a tree this weekend so we can put our ornaments up. I am ALMOST ready to buy a fake tree.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Schwartz's vs Sarah's Last Dance Performance (for now)

While Sarah and I have really enjoyed dance for the past 3 years, I'm just a little burned out. She's not. But I am and so I used the little performance her class was participating in at a nursing home to make a clean break. I referred to it as the winter recital and told her we were going to take the spring semester off to try new things. She was disappointed at first but eventually got on board to play soccer in the spring. 

I got a little sad as we watched her last performance. She's come a long way and knew all of her steps and moves. I'm not swearing dance off for good, but at least for one semester. I told her if she really missed it we could check out the other studio in our area next fall. 

So enjoy a little Christmas ballet dance: