Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Schwartz's vs the Tooth Fairy

Teeth freak me out!  And this one has been driving me nuts!  Back on July 14th during lunch Sarah said her tooth hurt while she was eating some pretzels.  She thought some salt got stuck in it so I looked at it and casually said, "oh yeah, that tooth is probably getting ready to fall out".  Well, that wasn't very smart since she's my first kid and they had no idea teeth fall out.  She FLIPPED out.  We had to call dad to calm her down.

But why are my teeth going to fall out!!!!

So I didn't really want the tooth coming out before school started cause I wanted nice pretty smiles in back to school pictures.  But that tooth has been getting more and more loose then last week I noticed the new tooth already started coming in.  At my dentist appointment Monday, she proudly showed it to Dr. Pulido who told me we needed to get it out.  So Tuesday I caved and asked Chris to try to pull it.

What I thought would be her last baby teeth smile.

She was brave and he yanked and tugged but it wasn't ready yet.  So it stayed in.  She was upset because I told her when her tooth came out we'd go get ice-cream.  Oh well, another day.  Wednesday, during nap time for the boys, she sat next to me while we watched our dance show and just messed with it.  It was making all those horrible teeth noises.  ICK!  She even made it bleed but didn't notice and I certainly didn't tell her.  When Chris got home he tried again and still nope.

Today before dinner it was super gross, like half way hanging out of her mouth.  I asked her if she wanted dad to pull it before dinner and she said yes.  I left the room, and no sooner than I walked out of the kitchen Chris was giving the all clear and Sarah was shouting for joy.


Our first baby tooth is out!

big ole baby tooth hole

She hung up her tooth fairy Grandma Smith gave her.  I'm glad our tooth fairy looks for this hanging somewhere and not under her pillow.  

And we went out for the promised ice cream treat.  She even got to pick 3 extra toppings for being so brave and letting daddy yank on her tooth 3 days in a row.

She's excited to have lost her first baby tooth, which is a drastic improvement over how she took the news about having to loose it last month.  And I'm thrilled not to have to listen to those gross grinding noises.  ICK!

And just for the record, the going rate for a tooth around here is one gold dollar.  She was thrilled about her gold coin and put it in her penny jar.

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  1. Ok so I'm not the only person grossed out by teeth? haha. Brooklyn used to torture me by saying "hey mom, look" and then having some tooth sticking sideways or something extra creepy when she was that age. But I love the tooth fairy yall have. That original tooth fairy was kinda crazy dropping off payment under the pillow, lol