Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Schwartz's vs Operation Empty Nest

Also known as "why would you say that to me!"

Chris and I were laying in bed chatting on our anniversary and I casually asked what's the next 4 years have in store for us.  What's it going to be like on our 15th year anniversary.  He thought for a moment and said, "Well, by that point, all of the kids will be in school.  Charlie will start kindergarten that year."

WHHHHHHYYYYY would you say that to me!!!!!

I've never been an "it goes by so fast" person.  I smile and nod when people say that and know when I'm in their position I'll look back and say that too.  But right now, I've got a helmet on and I'm living in the trenches just trying to survive.  With Chris out of school now, I've finally accepted the need to get out of survival cooking mode and not serve hot dogs, mac and cheese, tacos, and cereal practically every night cause he'd like real food.  Ha!  I have only just begun looking over those deep trench walls that are lined with legos and little rubber princess dolls.  

WHHHHHYYYYYY would you say that to me!!!!!

All of a sudden putting it like that it goes by so fast!  I compare most timeline things to Chris's school.  It took us 10 years, T-E-N Y-E-A-R-S to get a bachelors degree.  For so long I thought he was never going to graduate.  It felt like forever.  I happily plan vacations that are over year out because after enduring Chris's school, a year of looking forward to something happy is like waiting a month.  No big deal.  I got this.  So four years for me will go by REALLY quickly.  I can't believe that in just 4 years Operation Empty Nest, Phase 1 will be complete.  


Oh, and just in case you are curious, Operation Empty Nest has 3 phases some run simultaneously with holding patterns of various lengths.  They are as follows:
Phase 1: All kids start school
holding pattern for 13 years while all kids complete k-12.
Phase 2: All kids leave for college/mission
holding pattern 2-3 years
Phase 3: All kids marry 
holding pattern length unknown but please don't let it last forever!

At the successful completion of Operation Empty Nest, there will be a Victory Tour.  Though it's way to early to start planning that vacation.  Even I put limits on how far out I plan things.

Random photo cause, you know you only come for the photos.
Kindergarten Camp (Orientation)

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  1. And just like that I realized I'm just 5 years away from the end of phase 1. In 4 years you'll officially be all in at the start of phase 1. Wow.