Friday, July 10, 2015

The Schwartz's vs Family Fun Day

Today we had an impromptu "Family Fun Day".  My knees have been KILLING me so I asked Chris to take off and go with me to the orthopedic doctor.  I'm not great and explaining things to doctors and have a tendency to downplay problems.  Anyway, after my appointment we went and picked up the kids from Grandma and had to go to Charlie's 15 month check up.

21 lbs 9 oz (25th percentile)
30 1/2 longs (25th percentile)
18 1/4 head (25th percentile)

Charlie normally is pretty cooperative at check ups, but with Chris there he was acting like a fool.  That's why he already has a paci and blanket before he even got shots.  As soon as we took his clothes off for him he started crying hysterically and yelling, "dadadadadadadada!"  But his check up was fine.  Dr. Catherine again congratulated me of him being my fattest baby.  Of course he doesn't have all the words or social things he's supposed to have by now but none of us are worried because he's fine and the 3rd kid.  He's still screaming all the time for everything hoping he'll out grow that soon.

THEN after Charlie's check up we surprised the kids with our family fun time.  Sarah has been begging to go see the movie Inside Out.  The commercials run frequently enough on Disney Jr. that she's been able to tell me all the characters and the general trailer premises for a while even when I pretend to not know what she's talking about.  I had no interest in the movie but we decided to surprise them.

We pulled up to a movie theater they'd never been to before so even though we drove up to a Malco marquee neither of them knew we were going to a movie until we parked and got close enough to see the movie posters.  They were so excited!  Charlie was most excited about the popcorn.  He loves popcorn!  He ate 80% of the large popcorn bucket by himself and screamed when someone tried to move it so Sarah could reach.  

Cody sat on my lap the whole time and was just enthralled with a big smile for every second.  Sarah on the other hand had some problems.  She is deeply empathetic and for some reason although she's pretty much already figured out Santa's not real, she doesn't get that cartoons aren't real.  Go figure.  So we've always had to be careful about what cartoons she watches.  For example, she doesn't watch The Little Mermaid, even though Ariel is her favorite princess, because the scene when Ursela gets big and causes the storm terrifies her and stresses her out about what's going to happen to Eric and Ariel.  

Anyway, during some of the intense scenes in inside out Sarah was clawing at me and just shaking.  And then during the really poignant part of the movie she was in my lap just bawling.  I don't think even she understood why she was crying.  Chris was standing up with Charlie and he said he had a few tears make it down his face during that part.  I welled up a bit but they never rolled.  And Cody, was just big smiles even during that part.  I was pretty touched at how moved she was during the poignant part of the movie and it gave us a great conversation topic and we talked about that situation and all the feelings that were going on there.  

Then we decided to take a trip to Target to get the kids a little happy.  Of course since they just saw Inside Out they wanted toys from that.  Sarah wanted a "joy! Cause she's my favorite!" and Cody was quick to follow suit with, "I want Angry cause he's my favorite!"  

Then we boogied home to change clothes cause we had plans to meet the McKinzie's at the Y pool where we swam for a couple of hours until it closed.  Cody and Sarah had a great time with their buddy and Charlie just loved sitting in the water with me or Chris.  

(not from yesterday just needed to add a picture of Charlie at the pool)

The moral of the story is Inside Out is a great family movie and Chris being out of school is awesome cause we can have these random family fun days.

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  1. That top pic cannot be Charlie. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!? 15 months!