Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Schwartz's vs Sarah's Birthday Parties

Starting now I guess, until I come up with a different plan.  Sarah will have her traditional too many birthday celebrations.

First we have our movie and dinner out with her "aunts".

This year we saw Big Hero 6 and went to Red Robin for dinner.  I really love my awesome friends who love my kids like they are their own.  Sarah and Cody get so excited when we hang out with them.  I'm sorry I have been blog lazy and their dinner didn't get it's own post like it should have.  Especially since Susan is like the only person who still checks my blog.  Hi Susan!

Then we'll have our family dinner on her actual birthday.

After that in January we'll do a Schwartz family birthday something.

See here:

And we'll round it out with she gets to pick 3 friends and go do SOMETHING for her birthday.

This will hopefully avoid me having to throw any actual parties.  I like this plan.  It worked this year.

So this year, since one of Sarah's favorite things to do is to color and create things we decided to take her and a few friends to a pottery painting place that recently opened in Tipton County.

Sarah LOVED this!  She had such a great time and now has a delightfully ugly mermaid sitting on her dresser.  yay!  I'm sure this is an activity she'll probably pick for a few years in a row just because she loved it so much.  


  1. I will have you know that I also check to see if anything new has come up every couple of days. Hi, Natalie!

  2. Do you know I have never lived anywhere long enough to watch other peoples children grow up? It really gives you a skewed reality of how fast time flies when you never stick around long enough to watch someone grow… It's crazy to me to think she's about to go to school in a few months!!!!! No shame in a million birthday parties either, you do it however you see fit. The smile on her face clearly approves of your plan, lol.