Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Schwartz's vs How the World Kept on Spinnin'

I have a few things that I'm slightly crazy about.  We've been slowly working on finishing our upstairs for like, ever.  Well.  Maybe not forever because that's how long Chris has been in school but for at least 3 years we've really been focused on it.

When Charlie came along we really wanted to get it done because one of my crazy things is I didn't think the kids could survive sharing a room.  I thought it would be the end of nap time and bed time as I knew it because they would just sit there and keep each other away.

So Charlie slept in his pack and play in our room like each of our kids.  Except when he was finally sleeping through the night he had no where to go because the upstairs wasn't done.  So we started dragging his pack and play into the living room every night before we went to bed.  Eventually that got old and in January we (as in me) bravely decided to try putting his pack and play permanently in Sarah's room.  I lectured her on what a big deal this was and how important it was not to wake him up.

She has LOVED sharing her room with Charlie.  It makes her feel so important and responsible.  It's a big huge deal!  And they've done well.  Both of them still nap and sleep at night.  I was SHOCKED!

My other crazy is that Cody even though he is almost 3 and a half, was still in his crib with the front on it.  I didn't think he would take naps if he was allowed access to his toys during nap time and bed time.  So the plan was to keep him in his crib until the upstairs was done and all the toys moved up there.

It was working great because he didn't care he was in a crib.  Every now and then we'd talk about how he was going to get a big boy bed.  But he didn't care.

Then on this fateful day, he asked the dreaded question "Can you make my boy into a big boy bed".  And it just didn't seem right not to let him do it.  I mean after all, he's freaking 3.5 years old!  And we need to start working on night time potty training.

So we took the front off his crib and made a big deal about how this is important and he needs to stay in bed unless he needs to go potty.  NO playing with toys.

Sarah came in to congratulate him.  He was excited and proud to show her his new bed set up.

Ready for his first sleep in his "big boy bed"

Unfortunately it was too much freedom for him the first day.  He didn't sleep at all.  2 hours into nap time he came out and randomly gave us a pillow.  When Chris followed him back into his room he saw a bunch of the extra blankets stacked beside his bed (not where we left them) and he told Chris he just wanted to pretend they were stairs.  

After nap time I talked to him again and since then we haven't had any more problems.  He doesn't get out of bed and play.  

Apparently your kids can share rooms with each other and toys and the world will keep on spinning.  This is news to me.

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  1. I would have loved to have kids that actually stayed in a crib without trying to tightrope the top rail in hopes of falling and breaking their necks. I'm glad he handled the transition well, and that Sarah is ok with room sharing for now. You know how we roll around here, five bedrooms in this house but all three boys share a room, no toys allowed in the bedroom. Like a little prison room for sleeping only, ha!!!! :)