Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Schwartz's vs Daddy/Daughter Snowflake Dance 2015

This year Sarah's dance school put on what I hope will be a new annual event.  They had a Daddy/Daughter Snowflake Dance and it was adorable.  They sent home flyers about it with the parents but didn't tell Sarah's class about it so it was a complete surprise for her.  She knew she had a date with Daddy that night but didn't know where or what they'd be doing.

While Chris went to go run an errand I got Sarah dressed in one of her favorite dresses.  We painted her nails and did her hair all fancy.  She even got to wear some of my lipstick and perfume.  She was super excited.

Daddy of course put on a nice suite and tie to match his pretty princess.  Fun fact, you never have to suggest to Chris that he dress in a complimentary or coordinating color scheme.  He likes to do it.  He had a big surprise for her.

I know this picture isn't from the best angle, but she was thrilled and had a HUGE smile on her face.

Of course we had to take some standard pre-prom pictures.  
Daddy putting on Sarah's corsage.

Sarah pinning on Daddy's boutonniere. 

On last picture before they headed to the ball.

According to Chris, Sarah was a lot of fun to dance with.  She had a great time dancing with the other girls.  Her favorite part about dancing was spinning around in circles, whether that was her just spinning or Chris spinning her.  Spinning was her favorite.  Chris said she was a good partner and followed his lead.  

Chris had a good time spending some precious one on one time with Sarah.  He's a great dad.  He says he also hopes that MSoD does this every year.  He's looking forward to this becoming a nice tradition for him and Sarah.

And now, thanks to the wonder that is Facebook, here's some pictures he was tagged in from the dance.

But I'll spare you from seeing the video where he failed to hoola hoop during the competition.  He's apparently terrible at it.  

And finally, the official daddy-daughter dance picture from MSoD