Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Schwartz vs Random Church Happenings

All dressed and ready for church Jan. 11th.

Cody is a Sunbeam now!  It's adorable.  But we decided it was probably time to stop letting them bring toys to church and we needed to transition them to quite things like lacing cards and books.  So far they are doing pretty good.

Reading a book about reverence that Grandma Pat sent him

She was loving this "princess dress" that Tia Elizabeth gave her for her birthday.

So, this post is basically going to be about Cody.  I am just so excited that he is a Sunbeam now.  Nursery was a hot mess.  The leaders in there while he was in nursery were so disorganized it was chaotic and tragic.  They didn't even have lessons.  It made me sad.  But his Sunbeam teachers, Brother and Sister Teague are AMAZING!  They were Sarah's sunbeam teachers too.  And they are so fantastic with the kids.  They really make sure the lessons are age appropriate and interesting for the kids.  EVERY week Cody has been able to come home and tell us what he learned.  As opposed to when I'd ask after nursery if they talked about Jesus and he would just laugh and tell me no.  

Two Sunday's ago Cody was very excited because he got tagged.  Basically they put a little paper bracelet on him telling us that he had either the scripture, prayer, or talk next Sunday.  He was so proud of his bracelet.  

So today he gave his first talk in Primary!  He did so good!  He wasn't nervous at all.  He stepped up there, adjusted the mic, and then waited for me to whisper in his ear what to say and he repeated it.  The funniest part was when he thought he knew what I was going to say.  I started to say "atonement" and he cut me off and said, "Atoka".  Nope, Jesus did not Atoka for our sins.  Ha!  

I know this one is blurry but I was just so proud of him.  And he was so cute as he put the mic back.  

And thank you Sis. Teague for taking these pictures for me!

I will also say that Cody sits nicely and doesn't yell at me during singing time (like he did in nursery).  And he has even been singing the song of the month around the house.  Wahoo!

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