Friday, December 26, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Tubing

I'm still playing catch up so this is just going to be another photo dump with a little narration.

The day after Christmas we headed to a ski place that also has tubing lanes.  Unfortunately we didn't get the white Christmas we were expecting, but the place makes snow so there were still a few lanes open.  We had a great time and hope next year it actually snows so we can go again and try the bigger hills!

Sarah was obsessed with making snow angels and kept trying.  It doesn't really work with ice.

Cody tried too.

They tried to have a snow ball fight.

But ice balls hurt to get hit with.

The group, with Nina their foreign exchange student.

Waiting to go down the hill.

So, when we got there to buy our tickets, I was wearing Charlie.  The lady glared at me and told me it was one person per tube.  I told her I wasn't going to wear Charlie and we were planning on take turns.  But then we got outside and saw the crazy lines and I thought, what the heck I'll give it a try.  So I wore him up the top of the mountain and waited in line.  When it was our turn I plopped down in my tube like it was totally fine and the girl sent us down the hill. 

Then after our first trip down the hill, when we got back to the top the girl that let me go switched out with a different guy.  I plopped down and he looked at me funny.  I said, "it's cool, he likes it."  The guy made some joke about how he's sure he's supposed to stop us because it's only one person per tube but in that carrier Charlie and I were basically one he pushed us down the hill.  So from that point on we just waited in that guys line instead of trying to convince someone else it was ok.  

By the end the kid said, "you know it doesn't even look strange to me now."  And he took a group shot of us before our last time down.

It was a lot of fun.  Sarah and Cody really enjoyed it.  Hopefully next time there will be real snow and the super lanes will be open when you can link more than 5 tubes together.  

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