Friday, December 12, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Milk and Cookies with Santa Social (Day 3)

Milk and Cookies with Santa!  Yay!  Annie and I had quite a few people tell us how much they enjoyed the party last year and asked if we were doing it again, so of course we had to!

Side note story.  Once the weather got cold enough for Sarah to start wearing her warm jammies she pulled out her pair of pink Santa jammies and told me, "Mom.  You remember when Santa gave me these last year at Jessie's house?"  I'm sure it's just because she's my first kid but I am always amazed when she says stuff like that.  I can't remember why I got up to go to the kitchen but she can remember exactly where a pair of jammies came from about a year ago.  Crazy.  I really never knew when kids started being able to recall information like that.  

Anyway, everyone loves the Milk and Cookie social so hopefully we'll make it a yearly thing.  And here are some quick shots from the evening:

Obligatory picture of me to prove that I was there.  And I'm super annoyed that the only picture of me is one where I'm shoving my face.  But there were plenty of cookies and some one had to eat them.

After we were sure everyone was here, Jolly Ol' Saint Nick made his arrival!  I had warned the parents to get cameras ready but didn't think to round up the kids from upstairs so they were still all in the play room and I had to go up there and bum rush them out.
Photo Credit: Megan's Instagram.  Sorry girl, it's a great shot so I stole it.

After we got the kids downstairs they were so excited to see Santa.  As soon as he sat down in his chair kids started swarming him.  So we quickly got them organized into a line so they could each have a turn sitting and talking to Santa.  

I love the laid back atmosphere of visiting with Santa at the social.  There is no huge line of parents trying to get in and out quick.  All the adults get to chat and the kids can take their time.  Santa is so sweet to each of them.  And Tom took pictures so the parents didn't even have to fret about that.  Thanks Tom!

Telling Santa about the "Anna doll wearing clothes" that she wants.
As opposed to the Anna doll not wearing clothes?  Hmm....
What she really wants is the Anna doll wearing her winter outfit not the coronation outfit.

Telling Santa he wants a "red racing airplane and a blue racing airplane"
And I have no idea what those are but Chris seems to think he knows.

Not feeling it.  Ha!

See, Santa is still taller than these guys.  Never to big to visit with Santa.

After Santa got a chance to visit with each kid we gathered them together for him to read them Twas the Night Before Christmas.   I also took that opportunity to get head count so for reference for next year we had 61 people at the party!  Wow!

Story time with Santa.

And after story time Santa passed out presents.  Once again, Santa brought the kids jammies.  I like this tradition.  But there is talk of a potential change.  Annie said some of the kids were disappointed. I feel like jammies are the great equalizer.  And they are comfy and nice.  And most parents give their kids new jammies the night before Christmas anyway, so isn't it more special that Santa brings them?  I think so.

Opening presents

Sarah was elated.  She loves her new jammies.

Cody, not so much. 

And Charlie, he was mostly just excited about the tree.  So shiny.  Must try to eat.

Merry Christmas 2014

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