Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Schwartz's vs the Fireman Breakfast 2014 (Day 4)

This is by far Chris's FAVORITE activity we do during the 12 days.  For a couple reasons, 1) man food. They usually have more bacon, sausage, and biscuits with gravy then it should seem humanly possible.  And they encourage seconds, thirds, and don't look down at you when you ask for just a plate of bacon.  2) Ego stoking.  Every fireman there is asking Chris if he wants to join (it's put on by the volunteer firefighters).  He always walks away full of bacon and himself.

This year Santa brought the kids little presents and passed them out.  Sarah got a pop up coloring princess castle thing.  She, of course loved it because it hit the main high lights of her life, it was pink, it was princess, and it was a present.  Cody got a cool Arctic Batman thing.  And because he doesn't quite get it, he was a little annoyed.  He looked at it and then looked at me, "I asked for planes!"  I had to explain to him that he could go give that back to Santa and get nothing if he wanted and that Santa doesn't bring the special gift he asked for until Christmas.  This was a bonus present.  This seemed to make sense for him so he appreciated it after that.  I know shouldn't have laughed but it was just a classic Cody face of "get it right Santa, geeze man, last night pjs and now some batman toy?  I said, P-L-A-N-E-S".  Sometimes it's hard to be mad at him when he shoots me looks I know I give people.

This was our 3rd year doing this and the first year it wasn't raining or freezing cold.  So after a great breakfast the kids actually got to play on the fire truck. And they were in heaven.

Cody even got to blow the horn.

Fireman Breakfast 2014

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