Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Christmas Crafts

I really didn't do so well at the 12 Days this year.  So I'm just going to do a photo dump and call it good.  Sorry folks.

We did 3 Christmas crafts this year.  The traditional cotton ball snowmen.

Seriously, this was the best shot.

We also took them to Hobby Lobby to pick out a couple of craft kits because I knew I was phoning it in this year.  They picked these little winter figures to color.

And we also bought a little kit of ornament decorating to put on our tiny tree we borrowed from Ma and Pa Schwartz.

And that was all the Christmas crafts we did this year.  I must admit, I missed having the back door decorated with all the different crafts we've done the past two years.  I'll have to do better next year.  


  1. I love Sarah's long hair, and that Cody may be left handed, and the pic of the baby with his Daddy. Sarah is so your mini-me!! Love tour fam!

  2. Love the cotton ball snowmen! And one thing we do every year now is make a memories ornament. We get one red ball ornament and I put the year on it with a paint market. Then we pass it around a add a memory to it, like "BBQ fest champs" or "first year of middle school" etc. They may be too young to write it themselves but they could give you their yearly memories to write on it. Sorry I didn't think of this sooner. I broke 2013 when I was taking down the ornaments this year....of course it's couldn't have been 2014 where I could just remember and rewrite it, ugh!

  3. You have the patience of a saint. I have no idea how you handled all those cotton balls. Super cute.