Monday, December 15, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Christmas Concert (Day 6)

Our friend Susan is a middle school band director.  It's always tons of fun to go to her concerts.  One of my favorite memories was one year Cam and I sat behind the photographer and when they were doing their official band pictures we were waving and acting like idiots.  And Susan and Dr. Wood's couldn't tell it was us and they were laughing at the "embarrassing parent".  Ha!

Anyway, this year for our 12 days we took the kids to hear Susan's band.  It was very exciting.  My kids looked forward to it all day.  They kept asking if Aunt Susan was going to let them play the drum and the cymbals.  

Of course, she did!

Cody and Steffanie playing the cymbal.

Sarah and Cody both love Christmas music so they enjoyed the concert.  Sarah would sing along with the songs she knew.  

I'm always so impressed with Susan's concerts.  I'd say Steffanie's too, but I've yet to make it to one of those.  (Ooops)  Everything down to her warming up her band and getting them in tune impresses me.  Any fool can learn how to teach kids math.  But I think it takes real talent to be able to hear and recognize different pitches and if this is right and exactly what instrument is off and how they need to change it.  And just keeping up with all the various melodies and rhythms.  I mean.  I am especially impressed now that I faux do music at church.  Gee whiz I have some talented and impressive band director friends.

But as much as my kids enjoyed the concert, I think they enjoyed playing on the interments afterwards.

Sarah also pretended to conduct her band.

Oh the way home, I was hungry and the kids were so good that we popped into Chili's to get a little dessert.  I picked the chocolate lava cake thing, Chris picked the skillet cookie.  Before the deserts came Sarah was sitting across from me and Cody across from Chris.  But when the food came out my little mini me yelled, "I want the chocolate cake" so he switched with Sarah.  Because Cody and I have the same chocolate cravings.  

Afterwards as he was walking out he announced to the waitress and consequently because he was so loud, the whole restaurant, "I ate the whole volcano!  It was chocolate!  Chocolate is FANTASTIC!" 

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