Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Christmas 2014

It was a Smith year for Christmas.  And even though my folks are in Thailand it was important that we all got together.  Thankfully, Pete and Elizabeth offered to host.  They always do a great job with Thanksgiving.

It was nice spending the holiday together.  But I definitely missed my parents.

Anyway, I'm back dating this post so I'm basically just going to dump pictures real quick.

Cody is not a morning person so there are NO pictures of him smiling opening presents.  This is about as good as it got.

Sarah on the other hand, IS a morning person and was over joyed with each gift.

Another Cody "smile"

After presents and breakfast it was time to FaceTime the folks.  They had to stay up late so that we could open presents first.  Everyone took a turn in front of the lap top chatting for a bit.

Then we just enjoyed the rest of the day playing and hanging out.  Pete and Elizabeth got Spheros which was rather entertaining to watch Charlie chase around.
He was pleased when he'd catch it.

I'm pretty impressed with this picture.  I found it on my camera and I didn't take it. So that means that they set up my camera without a tripod and put the self timer on to take this and many other.  But it's a great shot.

Thanks for a great Smith family Christmas!

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