Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Biomedical Family Fall Party

Chris joined the Biomedical Engineering Society.  Anyway, he joined it last year because he was hungry and as he was leaving school he saw a flyer that there would be pizza at the meeting which happened to be going on at that moment.  So he went there for pizza and decided it was a pretty good group and joined.  I like to tease him for that.

Chris plans to be a very active University of Memphis alum after he graduates and would like to specifically give back to the Biomedical Department.  I think that's great.  I mean, after being a student for 10 years I'm surprised some people don't assume he's some sort of adjunct professor.  

But I digress.

The society was having a BBQ and pumpkin carving contest and family social.  So Chris came home and asked me to put it on the calendar.  I was interested in going and meeting some of the people in his classes that I've heard so much about.  But I was also a little apprehensive, because Chris is an adult degree student.  Which I VERY different from the young college kids.  Thankfully there were a few others Chris's age with their family and kids there.  Of course, those were the graduate students.  Ha!  

But everyone was really nice and it was great to see Chris with his classmates.  The college kids doted on Sarah and Cody and were very sweet playing ball with them and letting them help with the pumpkins.  It was all fun and games until someone said, "Um, did you use to teach at Mt. Pisgah?"  Yes, that's right, it's been long enough that my 8th grade students are now college kids in the same major as Chris.  But the former student was really nice and told me I was his favorite math teacher and it actually did make me happy.  

After some yummy food from The One and Only BBQ it was time for the pumpkin carving.  They provided pumpkins, carving kits, and things to decorate the pumpkin with and asked people to form teams.  So Chris picked up our pumpkin and set to work.  Fun fact, I actually hate pumpkin guts so my kids have never carved a pumpkin before.

So they spent their time distracting their new friends.
And in Cody's case he basically was going around trying to get his hands on as many knives as possible.  Every time someone opened their pumpkin carving kit he'd sneak over and steal the little saw knife!  That boy.  His knife obsession he gets from Chris.

After all the groups had pumpkins there were some left over that hadn't been cut open so I asked if the kids could decorate one.

They decorated it with glitter glue, stickers, googly eyes, and mustaches.  They had a great time with it.  And it's a good thing because we were lame and didn't take them to the pumpkin patch this year.  This semester has been really rough and there was no good day for Chris to be able to go with us.  Oh well.  There's always next year.

And I didn't get a picture of it, but Sarah and Cody's favorite part of the picnic was all the dogs people brought.  And their owners were so nice to let Sarah and Cody play with them and hold the leash and walk them.  It really made me want a dog, until I remembered dogs are permanent toddlers that never grow up, learn how to clean up after themselves, feed themselves, or move out.  So that's a big no.
Classic Jack-o-Lantern

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