Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Schwartz's vs "Super" Fun Company Picnic

This was the first official Microport Company Picnic.  Last year, shortly after the company picnic the sale finalized and Wright Medical, the company Chris and Dennis both worked for, sold a huge chunk of the company to Microport.  It was a good split I think for both companies.  Wright wanted to focus on small joints so basically it sold all the large joints off.  However, it split the Schwartz family.  Chris being a large joint designer was automatically under the Microport umbrella and during the division of the company, Dennis was slated to stay with Wright Medical.  

I say all that to basically set up the fact that we REALLY enjoyed Chris and Dennis working together.  I know I've mentioned more than a few times how similar Chris and Dennis are and my fondness of that fact.  Dennis is a fantastic father, grandfather, and example to Chris.  I have no problems looking at Dennis and seeing what Chris will grow up to be.  Chris enjoyed working with his dad, chatting with him throughout the day, and having lunch with him a few times a week.  Having them work together also kept us in the loop of information.  Dennis would keep Chris in the know of what's going on.  We could even use the "Wright Medical Pony" to send things to various Schwartz households.  My kids would have lunch with Dennis probably once a month when I'd bring them up to Wright to have lunch with Chris.  In short, it was a big bummer to me when the Schwartz men were split up.

One of my favorite things about Wright Medical was the family picnic.  In fact, after I stopped worrying about Chris not having a job during the transition, my first question was "are we still going to have the picnic?"  Part of why I love the picnic is because well, it's awesome.  But the thing I loved most about the picnic is spending the day with the Grandparents.  I cherished the one on one time that kids could enjoy with Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz at the picnic each year.  And the kids look forward to that time as well.  So I was bummed that they wouldn't be there this year.

Well, I guess Chris felt the same way because much to my surprise he invited his parents to the picnic with us this year.  

The theme this year was Superheros and they were encouraging people to dress up in costumes.  Chris was really into this year.  So we went out and bought everyone Superman stuff.  His parents being the great sports that they are also went out and bought super shirts to fit in with the family.  It was a ton of fun having our Super Schwartz Fam walking around together.  And apparently word spread because someone at lunch came up to Chris and told him they'd heard about the "super family" all the way over at the go karts.

And now for a super picture overload. 

Cody meeting his hero, Captain America.  And the first thing he did was take his shield.

Super Grandparents with Super Charlie

Not sure Cody is giving that shield back ever.

Comparing muscles

Trying to get a picture of both the kids with the supers.  Didn't quite work.

Super Schwartz Family

Super Charlie (who looks super huge in this picture)

with the HR head haunchos 
(This picture also made the Microport weekly newsletter.)

Super Grandparents

Super Schwartzes

(And that was all the pictures just from registration.  Hahaha!)

Then it was time to have some fun.  We tried to go ride the kiddie rides but it was a bit of a let down. The airplanes were broken.  No one was manning the train.  And the teen running the dino ride told us Sarah was "too big" even though she's not 5 and barely weighs anything.  Because her head was above the tiny picket fence he wouldn't let her on it.  Grandma was hot about it.  Sarah tried taking off her shoes to see if she could ride it that way.  Chris and I just let it go, the ride lasts like 30 seconds if that and they we swooped them off to the go karts.

Because go karts are way more fun than the kiddie rides anyway.

To small to ride the go karts.

Cody and Sarah were both dying to ride the bumper boats.  Thankfully I didn't get picked to be a driver for that one and someone had to stay back with Charlie because the Schwartzes locked themselves in a pretty epic battle and came out soaked. 

Grandpa was shooting Grandma in the back of the head before they even got untethered . 

Circle attacking each other.  Dennis is shooting Chris who is shooting Vickie who is shooting Dennis.

Until Dennis changed and now both the guys are shooting at Vickie and Sarah.

Now Chris has come up behind to shoot Grandma some more and it seems like Dennis is shooting at Chris.

Pretty wet.

Eventually it was time for the fabulous picnic lunch: Corky's BBQ, fried chicken, and hot dogs.  Yum.  And the costume contest.  Sarah and Cody were in the same division of 5 and under.  

Mr. Channel is interviewing the kids asking their names and who they're dressed up as.

Cody's turn.

So, the weather had turned cold and the abrupt change gave Cody a bit of a sore throat.  And he had the sweetest high pitched soft voice this day.  It was the cutest sound coming out of that microphone.

And when Mr. Channel asked Cody who he was dressed up as in that sweet baby voice he said, "Super Cody".  Oh I wished I had it on video.  It was precious.  

And he won his age group getting a Malco Movie gift card.

After the costume contest we headed over for our annual pony rides.  Cody was very excited about riding a horse, unlike 2 years ago when he cried the whole time.  And now Sarah is big enough that we don't need to walk beside her anymore.  In fact, we didn't have to walk beside Cody either, I just realized that.

And each year I have our picture taken with one of the horses.  It's fun to look at those and see how much our family has grown and how much the kids have changed

Then we played some mini golf.  I really thought the kids would get it this year.  Cody likes to practice around the house.  But for another year it seems like everyone got "holes in one" cause you only got to hit it once.  Then Cody would pick it up and put it in the hole for you.

My Super men

Finally right before we left the bumper cars that Sarah and Cody had both been begging to do opened so we gave it a try.

Sarah loved it.

Cody, not so much.

And that was our super fun Microport Company Picnic!


  1. That looks like so much fun! Awesome that they still put on a picnic. And I had no idea Chris worked for Wright before. My uncle works there. He's one of the ones that stayed with the Wright portion of it. He just had to change offices I think. Anyways, super jealous of the fun company picnic!

  2. Quite possibly my favorite post of yours! It's just loaded with tons of family fun. I especially loved the bumper boat commentary; hilarious. So glad Cody won because he was/is definitely the cutest and tied for sure with Sarah. Super Cody, too cute. Love your super family! Hope Chris is happy with the new company, although it's old news by now.