Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Summer Lovin'

Well, another summer has come and gone.  You'd think I'd have all these cool posts of great things we did as a family but, no.  Nope, newborns turn me into a hermit. When my life revolves around a 3 hour feeding schedule I'm really not likely to go anywhere.  Sorry kids.  

We didn't even hit the pool on Friday nights as often as we usually do.  Which I truly do feel bad about.  Sarah loves the pool, but Cody, not so much.  He normally just walks around the edge.  So between having to hold a baby the whole time and keep an eye on Sarah who is convinced she can swim, she can't, and Cody who is refusing to get in and just keeps scattering toys about the pool deck, I was kind of a lame mom.

We did however, make it to Thornton's Pool.  Jen invited us to go with her family for a work pool party and while I normally would NEVER crash something like that, we really love Jen's family and more importantly I REALLY wanted to see this pool so many people talk about.  It did not disappoint. 

Chris on the rope swing.

Sarah climbing up the rocks on one of 2 water fall pools.

Cody splashing with Abby and Maggie.
They kept asking him if he wanted to get in to which he would reply with his chipper, "Nope!"

One side of the pool.

The other side of the pool.

Miracle of all miracles, Abby convinced Cody to get into the pool!
We were all very shocked!  It turns out he wanted to go see the duck decoys that were used as the shallow/deep divider.  And after Abby got him in he was content to stay and play with her.

Charlie with Chris.  He's a water baby.

Playing in the "river"

Climbing on the big waterfall.  Sarah wanted to sit in the pool at the top, my fear of heights said "nope!"

The whole gang

The summer was pretty mild so we tried to play outside often.  The kids rode their scooters, colored with chalk, jumped in the trampoline and played on the swing set.  If it was nice we'd go to the new Nancy Lane park.  

I asked Jen's kids to come with us one day. Best day ever!

On one trip to the park I asked Jen if her kids wanted to come and I went by and picked them up.  Of all our trips to the park that was the kids favorite.  They loved having Jen's kids there to play with them.  And I liked all the extra hands and eyes.  It made my job a whole lot easier.  

The one thing I regret was for the first time ever we didn't get our annual picture of Sarah feeding the birds in summer seasonal exhibit at the zoo.  We let our membership lapse this summer.  With 3 kids my hands are officially out numbered and again, having to work our a nursing schedule I didn't want to risk going to the zoo alone.  Chris spent every Saturday upstairs in the attic so he couldn't help me with a zoo outing.  Oh well, next summer Charlie will be 1 and we'll be back to running every where.  Plus Chris put a huge dent in the work upstairs.  There is dry wall and everything now!  Hopefully by the end of the year we'll have the bedroom and playroom built out and can start on the bathroom up there.

And that's how I spent my summer vacation.


  1. Ah, I'm a bad mom too when it comes to the pool. We didn't go one single time this year....wait, no I think we went once. But still. We used to go at least once a week. I know B is older now so it's not the same but I still miss the pool and just relaxing with a magazine out there. Oh well. Looks like yall had a pretty fun summer even though you stayed in more.

  2. It makes my heart happy when my family makes your blog! We love hanging out with you guys too!