Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Momarazzi Reborn

Recently I've been neglecting my camera.  I thought I was spending too much time being a momarazzi and less time being a mom so I started leaving it at home, and keeping my phone in my purse when we go out together (Enjoy the friends you're with!).

I thought I was doing something good.

Friday night we gathered together at Vickie and Dennis's home.  Her parents and brothers and sister were all in town along with one of Chris's cousins and her two children.  We were a bit flustered when packing.  We had to take a lot of stuff over and I hadn't finished a project I was desperately trying to complete.  Plus we had a few errands to run in town before we got to the house.  So as we are frantically shoving kids into the car I glanced at my camera and thought, nah, I'll have my phone.

After dinner, playing, talking, me huddling in a corner trying to finish my project, people running to the stores, jump drives back and forth between computers, nursing Charlie and putting him down for the night, the entire family sat together in the living room to look at a powerpoint and view the Wright family tree on Family Search.  I thought to myself, "take a picture".  But my phone was upstairs, and so I thought, nah.  I'll just be in the moment and not play paparazzi right now.

I have never regretted more not taking a picture.

I should have gotten up and got my phone and taken a picture.  The whole drive home I kicked myself for not taking a picture.  I thought about how I should have taken a picture the next day even when I still wasn't taking pictures.  And finally on Sunday, I remembered my camera and even then only took one dadgum picture and no one is looking.   Clearly my momarazzi skills are fading.

Great Grandpa Harlan Wright and Great Grandma Betty Wright
Cody (2), Sarah (4), Charlie (4 months)

This is just a post to say I have learned my lesson.  I need to find a balance between being a momarazzi and a mom trying to capture memories.  I'll let you know how it goes.  But I can tell you one thing, I'll probably regret not taking that picture for a long long time. 

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  1. I feel ya, sister. I've got thousands of pictures, but only ONE shot of five generations with my great-grandmothers. We had dozens of opportunities and I just didn't take the photo. Still makes me sad. I love my pictures and fifty years from now when the memories have faded, they'll be my touchstones.