Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Cody's Planes Party

I'm beginning to despise birthday parties.  Man they are just too much work.  At this point, I'm pretty sure Charlie isn't getting a first birthday party.  And I'd cancel Sarah's except she's old enough to know that she has a birthday and has already started planning it.

Cody has been talking about his planes birthday party for probably a solid 3 or 4 months, maybe longer.  I'm not sure.  I'm honestly still trying to detox and clean the house up from the party.  Gee whiz.

But you know in the end I think everyone had a good time and that's what makes it all worth it.  Right?  Let's hope so.  

So here's a photo recap.

Lorna came up with the cake design and made the cake for me.  She mentioned at church wanting to do a cake with a plane and put Cody in it.  I said, cool sounds good.  I think it turned out great.  And the cake was so delicious.  Everything was edible except the stick inside pinning it onto the cake.

Cody's Birthday Cake

My nephew Houston was quick to ask after singing Happy Birthday if he could "eat Cody".  A bit cannibalistic, but he enjoyed it.  It was made of marshmallows and modeling chocolate.

The desert table

I made the mistake of showing Cody these plane cupcakes on Pinterest before Lorna offered to make a cake.  So two days before his party when I was listing off the things we were going to serve at his party he noticed I didn't list his "planes cupcakes" and was sad.  Birthday boy wanted cupcakes, birthday boy got cupcakes.

Chris spent 3 hours cutting out the cupcake wrappers while I was at Disney on Ice with Sarah.  I love how supportive he is.  And Cody loved the cupcakes.  He was very excited bout them.  Before the party we looked them over and came up with a game plan.  I asked him which plane he was going to pick to eat and he said Dusty.  I agreed and told him Dusty or Chupacabra, but not Ripslinger.  

So of course, who does he eat during the party...

Black frosted Ripslinger.  Awesome.

The week of the party we enjoyed the most gorgeous weather.  Windows open, lovely breeze, great weather for begin outside.  The day of the party, it was 90 degrees.  I can't win.  But that was ok, we still had a really good time.  Adam and Melissa own The Inflatables and were kind enough again to let us pick an inflatable for the party.  I'm really not sure what I'd do without them providing the entertainment.  The kids had a BLAST.  And plenty of the adults too.  Who doesn't want to go down a two story slide.  This thing was taller than my house!

We also had some awesome paper airplane kits that Melissa picked up for us.  The original plan was to have a contest but eh, too much work.  So instead we just put the packs out and the kids and adults had a great time building and flying their paper airplanes around the yard.

We also had a pin the propeller on Dusty game.  Which again, wouldn't have happened without Melissa.  She made the Dusty, I just had to make the propellers.

Holt and Grandpa Schwartz

Then before you knew it its was time for cake and presents.

Blowing out the candle.

Cody had this present thing down.  He was tearing through them, and excited almost everything he got.  And what he wasn't excited about, clothes, I was!  He got lots of new planes and cars; everything a boy could want.  After each gift, I tried to get him to stop and say thank you to the person.  He tried, but there was so much going on.

I know at the party he got a couple duplicates (2 hydro Windlifters, and 2 fire Dustys).  And so I want to say a quick word about that.  I know people get bummed out when you find out someone already has that toy.  Or at a party when you see them open what you got them from someone else.  But this kid couldn't care if he already has 2 or 3 of something.  He loves them anyway.  He actually gets excited to get a double because then he has one for each hand, or even better one he can hand to Sarah so they can play with them together.  The night of the party we let him open one new toy since it was so late.  He picked his Fire Dusty.  The next morning before church we let him pick one new toy to open, and he wanted his "other fire Dusty".  So see, if you ever happen to give a double don't worry.  The kid won't care.  In fact, they'll probably be elated.

Check out that awesome cape Eliza made for him.  
This and all the clothes were personally my favorite gifts.

Sitting in front of his haul.

I think Chris said it best before we blessed the food when he thanked everyone for coming and acknowledged how blessed we are to have such wonderful friends and family in our lives to celebrate with us.  When he said that I felt all warm and fuzzy inside because it's true.  We do have great friends and family and our lives are better for it.


  1. Holy cow, woman! How many candles did you put on his cake?! You definitely throw the best parties! Cody seemed to have had a great day so kudos to mom and dad!

  2. Oh, and almost forgot.. Happy Birthday, Cody!!!