Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Charlie's 5 Months Old

Charlie, you're 5 months old now.  Here's what's going on with you:

* You've had oatmeal a few times.  You LOVE it.  You freak out and nom nom it, shaking your head and reaching for the spoon.  
* You rarely spend any time on your back anymore.  I know you've been rolling over for a while, but you use to at least wait a few moments before you flipped.  Now, the moment I lay you on your back you flip over. 
* You inch and scoot, mostly backwards, which just makes you even more grumpy as you move further from what you were trying to get to.
* You want to crawl SO BAD.  You pull you knees under you and rock.  You have even started moving one knee forward but you can't figure out what to do with your hands.
* You used your one false alarm this month.  I ran you to the pediatrician the morning after you had a really rough night.  You were struggling to breath and basically choking on snot.  Dr. Charles said there was nothing wrong with you and his guess is reflux.  
* You don't have any teeth yet, but you cry a lot right now and have given up naps for the moment, so we're both miserable.  My guess is teething.  I'm hoping something pops out soon and you go back to being happy.
* You hate your exersaucer, doorway jumper, swing, and bumbo.  And if we got the high chair down, I'm sure you'd hate that too.  Basically, it just proves you're one of mine.  
* You love peek a boo and raspberries.  You laugh when Sarah and Cody do those for you.
* You have grabby hands and reach for everything immediately trying to put it in your mouth.
* You are still homeless getting moved back and forth from our bedroom to the living room each night.  Maybe by the end of October you'll have a real bed.  Let's hope.

Love you bunches big boy!

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  1. He is too cute!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire