Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Celebrating 10 Years

You know, when you are young and dumb you can say plenty of things that sound great about how you're going to celebrate your 10 year anniversary.  In all my vanity 10 years ago, I was hoping to spend it on a Hawaiian beach and I'm embarrassed to admit it now but I secretly wanted the center stone of my engagement ring upgraded.  Like I said, young and dumb dreams.

Then life happens.  Kids are young.  Mortgages exist.  And Hawaiian dreams are just that...dreams.  

But from growing up you also learn that those things don't matter.  And so while it may seem simple Chris and I celebrated our 10 years by enjoying doing the day to day things together.  So yes, for our anniversary instead of a big outing to a beach in paradise, we took a big outing to Costco.  And I loved it.

I took the lead and planned our anniversary celebrations.  I asked Lorna to recreate our wedding cake.  I didn't have  a good picture of it, but the cake had the design of my dress piped onto it.  So instead I took my dress over to Lorna.  It was sweet to see it again, however any hopes I had of Sarah using it have been destroyed due to my poor decision to store it in the attic.  The beautiful bead work has turned yellow.  So that's sad.  

Anyway, I took the dress to Lorna and we picked it up on the way home from Costco.  If I was one to cry I think I would have bawled.  Lorna's recreation of our cake was better than the original.  The flowers she piped on were extremely detailed and beautiful.  I could not take my eyes off the cake when we got home, I kept peeking inside the box until the kids went to bed and it was safe to set up.  It truly was a work of art.
Original cake topper, and that pink linen was from the wedding reception.

Look at all the little details on the flower petals.  
Really, no pictures could do this cake justice. 

She even put raspberry filing in between the cake layers just like the original.  The cake was as delicious as it looked.  I am so thankful that Lorna was willing to do this for us.  It made both Chris and I so happy.

Since my dress was out Sarah wanted to see it so I got it out for her to look at.  Then we showed them the wedding album Emily did for us years ago.  Sarah loved looking at mommy in her princess dress and for the first time she noticed the flowers on the mantle and that I was holding them in my princess dress.  So she asked to hold them and I got them down for her.

In front of my dress with my flowers.  

Cody wanted a turn holding the flowers too.
He looks like such a ladies man here.

For dinner, Chris made penne rustica.  Pre-kids we use to make it together so that's what I had hoped to do.  But again, kids and what not, so Chris made it while I comforted a sick Charlie.  Thank goodness too because he's the better cook.  

The other big surprise for dinner was that I had gone up to the attic and found our wedding china.  We only have a few place settings and no where to store it so we've never used it.  In fact I've never even taken it out of the plastic.  I think I opened the boxes and looked at it when we got it but that was it.  So we braved it and go it out.

Bonnabel Place, Kate Spade by Lennox 
Pretty pretty paisley--I love it!

Chris's mom convinced us to register for china because we'd "regret it" if we didn't.  For years we've teased about it.  For the first time last night, I understood it.  It was so special to get it out and use it.  I do love it and I'm glad we have it.  Perhaps I should keep those two place settings down and use it more often.

And we used EVERY piece of our 5 piece place settings.  At first I was just going to use the dinner and salad plates.  Then we decided what the heck and popped in some garlic toast so we had a reason to use the butter plates and got the cups and saucers out to have milk in with the cake.  

PS, yes I know that's a wine glass we registered for.  I didn't know then, it was just a fancy glass to go with our china.  Maybe down the road I'll get fancy "iced beverage" glasses instead.

So here's to a happy 10 years together.  Over desert we made a list of goals for the next 10 years.  Most of them we're more mature and down to earth like:

* Camp and Hike more as a family 
* Buy bikes for everyone to enjoy family bike rides
* Visit the rest of the 48 contiguous states
* College fund for the kids (5% annual contribution) 

But some dreams just aren't worth giving up on yet so the last one was

* Hawaiian vacation 

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  1. Aww how special! That cake is absolutely beautiful! She did an amazing job with all the details. And I agree, you should get the fancy china out more for in house date nights. Add that to the 10 year list! This year for our anniversary I really want to get the caterer to make a smaller sampling of all the foods from our reception. Sounds corny but since we are eating the cake topper for our 1st anniversary, it only seems fitting to have food from the night as well.