Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Dance 2014-2015

A few weeks ago was dance registration for this year.  It took 3 hours.  I'm not kidding, 3 hours to get Sarah registered for dance.  It was INSANE.  And while I could complain about it, the fact is, we choose to sign Sarah up for dance, no one makes us, so I really don't feel like I have a leg to stand on if I want to whine about that.  Plus, it wasn't too terrible after the 45 minute wait outside and we finally made it in the building and got in the official cue.  (Yes, you heard me, 45 minute wait in line outside the door before we could come in get our name on the list and take a seat on the floor.)

It really wasn't bad though.  The weather was nice and they had chalk outside so my kids were happy.  Then inside I saw one of my adopted teens and offered her $5 to keep tabs on Sarah and Cody.  So every so often I'd holler at Abby and she'd find my kids make sure they were ok and it stopped me from having to get up and go hunting for them.  And only one time did I have to tell Abby to go get them out of the parking lot, so I call that a win.  Plus, I was able to just hang out for the time and chat with Annie and a few other moms I hadn't seen in a while.  Not bad.  Not bad.

They changed Sarah's dance class this year.  For the past 2 years the tippy toes class has been ballet, tap, and creative movement.  They've dropped that format.  Now it's ballet with creative moment, or tap with tumbling.  I knew ballet was going to be the more popular option so that's why we went to registration early.  It started at 10, we got there at 10:30, and when it was our turn to register, there were only 3 spots left in the 5 year old ballet class.  Whew.  We barely squeezed in.

Sarah is happy.  She seems to enjoy dance more down then before.  And since I've been letting her watch So You Think You Can Dance with me her moves have become more, shall we say, varied.  Yes, that's a nice way of putting it.

Anyway here's my traditional first day of dance pictures so I have something to compare them too at the end of the year.

And I'll just sneak in a picture of Charlie because it's cute.  I thrust him upon Will so I could take the above pictures.  Both of them are good sports.

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Speed Racer

Months and months ago I bought Chris the Rusty Wallace Driving Experience package on Groupon.  It was a good deal, and who wouldn't want to drive a race car as fast as they can.  Anyway, he was finally able to do it this past weekend and he said he loved it!  He had such a great time.  He said he was a little nervous when he first got there but was fine by the time he got into the classroom.  If I did it on the other hand I would just be too nervous.  I could do the ride along part, but there's no way I'd be able to drive the car on my own.

Waiting on Chris to get suited up.

Ah, the beautiful classic black and white.  Yeah, I didn't check my white balance and so the first half of the pictures are all blown out.  I salvaged that one by switching to black and white but it's still too overexposed.  Luckily I realized it while Chris was on his ride along so I was able to get the rest of the pictures ok.

After the ride along, talking to the crew.

Notice the "tail lights".  Can you believe they actually put light stickers on the cars!  I thought that was just a joke in Cars.  I know race cars don't need lights but I just figured it would be a flat surface.  The stickers made me giggle.

After the ride along. 

So when he first got there he had to go to a 45 minute class.  Then he got suited up and did a 3 lap ride along with a professional driver first.  After he hopped out of the ride along they took him straight down pit row and put him in a car to drive.

After he got loaded in, I took the kids over to the bridge so they could see it better.  They were very excited.  Cody kept saying how "daddy driving Lightening McQueen".  

Watching for Daddy's car.

I missed it because I was taking pictures.  But one lap some guy passed Chris.  The next lap the guy spun out and was in the grass.  I heard some other people hollering "whoa!" And I asked what I missed and they told me that someone just spun out.  I asked what car and it wasn't Chris so that was good.  They said he just missed it and "he probably needs some new pants".  After it was all over I asked Chris about it, apparently it was no where near him but he did see the guy in the grass after it happened and then the radio told him to caution for 2 laps while they got it cleared up.  But they also gave him a few extra laps since he had to drive at caution for a bit and after they got it cleared up he had the track to himself for a couple of laps and was really able to go fast.

He had a great time.  And the kids enjoyed watching it.  And best of all he didn't wreck because he declined the insurance and had to write on the form "I understand I am responsible for any damages up to $15,000 due on site."  So, we would have had to sell a kidney and probably his liver if he had wrecked the car.  Good times....good, good times.  

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Celebrating 10 Years

You know, when you are young and dumb you can say plenty of things that sound great about how you're going to celebrate your 10 year anniversary.  In all my vanity 10 years ago, I was hoping to spend it on a Hawaiian beach and I'm embarrassed to admit it now but I secretly wanted the center stone of my engagement ring upgraded.  Like I said, young and dumb dreams.

Then life happens.  Kids are young.  Mortgages exist.  And Hawaiian dreams are just that...dreams.  

But from growing up you also learn that those things don't matter.  And so while it may seem simple Chris and I celebrated our 10 years by enjoying doing the day to day things together.  So yes, for our anniversary instead of a big outing to a beach in paradise, we took a big outing to Costco.  And I loved it.

I took the lead and planned our anniversary celebrations.  I asked Lorna to recreate our wedding cake.  I didn't have  a good picture of it, but the cake had the design of my dress piped onto it.  So instead I took my dress over to Lorna.  It was sweet to see it again, however any hopes I had of Sarah using it have been destroyed due to my poor decision to store it in the attic.  The beautiful bead work has turned yellow.  So that's sad.  

Anyway, I took the dress to Lorna and we picked it up on the way home from Costco.  If I was one to cry I think I would have bawled.  Lorna's recreation of our cake was better than the original.  The flowers she piped on were extremely detailed and beautiful.  I could not take my eyes off the cake when we got home, I kept peeking inside the box until the kids went to bed and it was safe to set up.  It truly was a work of art.
Original cake topper, and that pink linen was from the wedding reception.

Look at all the little details on the flower petals.  
Really, no pictures could do this cake justice. 

She even put raspberry filing in between the cake layers just like the original.  The cake was as delicious as it looked.  I am so thankful that Lorna was willing to do this for us.  It made both Chris and I so happy.

Since my dress was out Sarah wanted to see it so I got it out for her to look at.  Then we showed them the wedding album Emily did for us years ago.  Sarah loved looking at mommy in her princess dress and for the first time she noticed the flowers on the mantle and that I was holding them in my princess dress.  So she asked to hold them and I got them down for her.

In front of my dress with my flowers.  

Cody wanted a turn holding the flowers too.
He looks like such a ladies man here.

For dinner, Chris made penne rustica.  Pre-kids we use to make it together so that's what I had hoped to do.  But again, kids and what not, so Chris made it while I comforted a sick Charlie.  Thank goodness too because he's the better cook.  

The other big surprise for dinner was that I had gone up to the attic and found our wedding china.  We only have a few place settings and no where to store it so we've never used it.  In fact I've never even taken it out of the plastic.  I think I opened the boxes and looked at it when we got it but that was it.  So we braved it and go it out.

Bonnabel Place, Kate Spade by Lennox 
Pretty pretty paisley--I love it!

Chris's mom convinced us to register for china because we'd "regret it" if we didn't.  For years we've teased about it.  For the first time last night, I understood it.  It was so special to get it out and use it.  I do love it and I'm glad we have it.  Perhaps I should keep those two place settings down and use it more often.

And we used EVERY piece of our 5 piece place settings.  At first I was just going to use the dinner and salad plates.  Then we decided what the heck and popped in some garlic toast so we had a reason to use the butter plates and got the cups and saucers out to have milk in with the cake.  

PS, yes I know that's a wine glass we registered for.  I didn't know then, it was just a fancy glass to go with our china.  Maybe down the road I'll get fancy "iced beverage" glasses instead.

So here's to a happy 10 years together.  Over desert we made a list of goals for the next 10 years.  Most of them we're more mature and down to earth like:

* Camp and Hike more as a family 
* Buy bikes for everyone to enjoy family bike rides
* Visit the rest of the 48 contiguous states
* College fund for the kids (5% annual contribution) 

But some dreams just aren't worth giving up on yet so the last one was

* Hawaiian vacation 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Schwartz's vs A Decade of Marriage

10 Years we have been married.

9 Years in school.

(Montego Bay, Jamaica 2004)

8 Countries visited together.

(London, England, 2008)

(Venice, Italy 2008)

7 Races We've Run Together
(First 5k ever, 2010)


6 Cars we have driven.  (Oddly enough it's been 3 for each of us.)

(Rhine River, Germany, 2008)

(Florence, Italy 2008)

5 Trips to Disney World.

(For Sarah's 1st birthday, 2010)

(For Cody's 2nd birthday, 2013)

4. Times we've been camping (sure once was in the living room but I pitched that tent all by myself so I'm counting it!)



3 Beautiful children

Sarah, 2009

Cody, 2011

Charlie, 2014

2 Homes we've lived in.

Perdido Key, 2010

Pensacola Beach, 2013

1 Happily Ever After

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Charlie's 4 Months Old

Charlie, you are 4 months old!  Does it seem like time is just flying by to you?  No, probably not, because you know, you're a baby and have no concept of time.  

Anyway, you had a check up this month so I have some new stats for you.

Weight: 15 lbs 2 oz (50th %-tile)
Head: 16 1/4 " (between the 25th and 50th %-tile)
Length: 26 1/4 " (between the 85th-95th %-tile)

So you are long, fat, and we are super proud of that!

Funny story about your weigh in.  Ms. Iola plotted your weight and then said, "Guess who is coming in for a weight check next month!"  And told me you had fallen from the 50th to the 10th percentile.  I started explaining you had been battling a cold for the last 10 days and weren't eating well but that this is normal for my kids and surely we can skip the weight check.  She just laughed and said, we'll see what Dr. Catherine says.  

Then when Dr. Catherine came in the first thing she did was look at your chart and say, "Oh man!  Come on dude!"  And I immediately started to argue my case and I had even pulled up everyone else's 4 month stats off the blog and was just pointing out that this is when my kids take a nose dive on the charts.  As I was pleading she examined the chart closer and realized Iola plotted you on the wrong line.  You are right on the 50 line like you were before.  

So for the first time ever we passed another weight check!  Yay!

Fun stuff about you this month:

* You mastered rolling over.  
* You scoot to get places.  Not quite sure how it's happening, but I'll leave you belly up by the window in Cody's room and find you belly down by the closet door.  
* I've caught you pulling your knees up under you already.  Already!  Seriously!
* You have the biggest smiles on the face of the planet and light up when anyone talks to you.  
* You like me.  The other kids tolerated me but seemed to like Chris more, but you really like me.  If Chris is holding you and I walk into view you immediately start smiling.
* You coo and pterodactyl screech if you are excited.
* You have to be buckled into your swing otherwise you fall out.  You are just so intrigued by your feet that you will try to sit up to get to them and then flip out of the swing.  Sorry dude, we definitely learned that one the hard way.
* You still don't sleep through the night (you're killing me there smalls!) but Dr. Catherine has given me the go ahead to drop your 3 am feeding.  So yay for that for me.  
* You still don't take a paci.  We have tried 3 different brands are you just aren't interested.  You prefer to chew on blankets and fingers.
* You still ride pretty well in the car, but only if the others are in the car too.  If it's just you and me running and errand you cry most of the time because you can't see Sarah and Cody.
* You drool buckets.  It's gross.  I even went up to the attic and found the big stash of bibs.
* You've tried oatmeal and love it.  You do your over excited head shake and grab my hand and try to bring the spoon to your mouth.
* Sarah is your favorite person.  You could watch her all day.  She plays peek-a-boo with you and you just screech and smile for her.
* Cody shares his super heros with you a lot.  He's ready for you to be able to hold on to toys and play with him.

You are an exceptionally friendly baby, Sarah and Cody both say that you are their best friend and I believe they are yours as well.  You're going to have a wonderful life here with 2 built in best friends.  After all, I did make you for them.  Ha!