Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Play and Dine

Wednesday, my Aunt Sarah took off work to go to Hollywood Studios for their Frozen Summer Fun.  I had high hopes of making it for the special Frozen Fireworks at the end of the night but Chris and I realized Sunday as we were finalizing the plans that there was no way or kids would make it to 10 pm. So we switched our dinner reservation for a breakfast reservation at Hollywood and Vine.  I love that place because you don't just get to meet the characters but the kids also get to dance and play.  About every 10 or 15 minutes they start a new song and the breakfast hosts invite all the kids down to dance.  Sure, not a whole lot of eating goes on as the kids are very distracted, but Sarah LOVED it.  As soon as a song started she'd say, "can I go dance?"

Dancing with Sophia

Sarah and I have been here once before on my birthday trip 2 years ago.  I will say, others must be figuring out this place is by far the best character meal for this age because last time at the 8 am reservation it was pretty empty.  This time at the 8 am reservation the place was packed!

Sarah and Cody with Sophia

The food was great.  I will say since we had just done Ohana the day before, Ohana had better quality food, but Play and Dine has more options.  And Hollywood and Vine has those chocolate things that I ate my body weight in on our European Vacation.  I love finding those places.  Reminds me of such a great trip and wonderful memories with Chris and my parents.

Meeting Doc McStuffins

I don't know why but the big headed toddler characters freak me out.  Good thing the kids love them.

I'm pretty sure Sophia was Sarah's favorite this time.  She kept squeezing her way in to be next to her for each song.

While Cody would just stare down the people singing and dancing.  

The characters of course made their way around the tables like other character meals.

Yo ho!

With Jake

But this really is my favorite because of the singing and dancing the kids get to do with the characters.  It's the only place where you truly get to play with them and interact more than just a quick stop, sign, and pic at each table.

Handy Manny

I'm sorry we wouldn't be able to stay for the fireworks at the end of the day.  Or to see the show Fantasmic.  But part of doing Disney for only one day with kids is knowing your limits.  There will come a time when they'll be old enough to stay up all day and see Fantasmic at the end of a long day.  But that day was not today with a 3 month old in tow.  So I'm glad we made the decision to change our dinner reservation to a breakfast one and have this experience.  Especially since they will quickly out grow these characters.  I'm pretty sure we'll have one more Play and Dine when Charlie is just about 3 and that'll be the last time we get to do this.  Sniff, sniff, these kids are growing up too fast!

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