Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Natalie is 31

I don't normally post about my birthday's but this year was just a bit comical to not share.  I felt a little like Raj on Big Bang Theory.

Sunday we had my sister and her family out for dinner for my birthday.  Emily offered to make a cake and Chris grilled some delicious kabobs.  Since it was a Sunday we called in for our weekly Facetime Chat with my folks.  They were sitting around the table in FL playing Oh Heck and answered saying "we have everyone here!" to which I replied, "that's funny! We have everyone here too."  And I turned the iPad to reveal Em and her family were over at the house.  So mom and dad got to see them and her kiddos and much happiness ensued.  Then I showed off the cake and Emily said they needed to stick around and sing happy birthday to me.  Hence, the reference to Raj on BBT.

My sister actually put 31 on candles on my cake!

My parents singing Happy Birthday to me via facetime.

Blowing out 31 one candles at once, can she do it?

Shockingly yes!

Emily had mentioned making a fancy cake so I was super impressed when she cut in to see this:

So impressed I even interrupted the FL card game again to show it off.  And then in honor of the folks in FL we put on a movie for the kids and played Oh Heck ourselves while we enjoyed some birthday cake.

On my actual birthday I did what has become our traditional band camp dinner out with my teacher friends and then the best birthday present a mom could ask for: I got to walk around Target with Cameron without any kids.

Not a bad birthday.

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  1. I am so impressed you blew out all the candles at once! And I love the annual band camp dinner. It's what I look forward to the most!