Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Frozen Fun at Hollywood Studios

After breakfast we hit the park running.  Not really.  I had to promise this trip I wouldn't run and rush us around the park.  And I will say, I've gotten much better about slowing down.  So we headed over to  get set up with some fast passes with the new fast pass system that I hate.  (It's great for resort guests and multiple day pass people but for us folks just popping in for one day it's terrible.)  We were lucky enough to snag some fast passes for Toy Story Mania and Tower of Terror.  Then we headed over to get tickets to the Frozen Sing-a-long which was really the big thing I wanted to do because I knew the kids would love it.  So after we got tickets for that in hand I was prepared to relax and enjoy the day.

We crossed the park one time to do Tower of Terror and then spent most of the time over in one little corner where the other shows and rides we wanted to do were.  
The Tower of Terror, or Fun House as I kept calling it around Sarah.

The Tower of Terror is my favorite ride.  I like it more Rockin' Roller Coaster which is saying something because I do love a good roller coaster.  Tower of Terror is such a simple ride but I love it.  It makes me giddy.  I especially love how it has so many drop programs that you never ride the same one twice in a row.  Before heading to Florida I looked it up and then measured Sarah and was so excited that she was tall enough.  I figured she was going to hate it, but I still had to get her to ride it once. 

Holding on for dear life.

(Aunt Sarah shared her My Memory package with us so we got downloads of all the pictures they took of us in the park)

Sarah didn't love it.  But she also didn't cry so I'll take that as a win.  She tried really hard to be a good sport and at the end I said, "wasn't that fun!"  She said, "yeah....but let's not do it again."

What 10 am really looks like at Disney World

I actually left my cell phone at home and kept the big camera in the bag for the most part so I don't have that many pictures.  Oh well, I have a lot of good memories.

After Tower of Terror we rode the Great Movie Ride.  Sarah and Cody both LOVED it!  And I loved the air conditioning.  I find the key to happy kids at Disney World is lots of snack breaks and balancing outside time with air conditioning time.  

Snack break

A nice person passing by offered to take a picture of everyone.

As we were heading to I can't remember where, there was no line for Phineas and Ferb so we took a moment to say hi.

The highlight of the trip was at noon when it was time for the Frozen Sing-a-long.  They allowed taping with your devices so find it on youtube and enjoy.  It was a great show.  It was well written and witty and just plain fun to be in an auditorium full of folks singing along at full blast.  Being outside in the heat was so worth it when Elsa came out at the end to sing Let it Go.  When she walked on the stage Sarah's face lit up.  She was so excited.  And they blew foam snow down from the ceiling and I though Sarah was just going to explode.  It was great to see.  Chris was standing at the back of the theater cause Charlie was a little fussy and he noted how there were more people watching the show from their little screens as they recorded then actually looking at the characters on stage.  I thought that was sad but also made me think of how often I'm too busy taking pictures and trying to get good ones then to actually enjoy the look on my kids faces.  So I guess it was a good thing I forgot my cell phone.

After the Frozen sing-a-long it was time for the car stunt show.  Cody was pretty excited about that one.  We had great seats, it wasn't crowded at all.  We were so close in fact that all the noise and heat freaked Charlie out so I took him out of the theater.  Chris said both of the kids were enthralled the whole time watching the cars race around.  (Since I'm writing this weeks later, it's funny that Cody will now pick a good guy car and find a bunch of bad guy cars that are all the same color and act out some stunt scenes with them.)  They loved it except some big scene at the end where apparently they set the water on fire.  Cody was not a fan and kept telling us the rest of the day that he did not like that part.

Then we enjoyed some more air conditioning with the Muppets in 4D.  Sarah's old enough now to keep the 3D glasses on.  Cody, well, not so much.  Then more snacks as we waiting out a rain storm.  The wind that came with the storm was great, but the humidity that stayed after the storm was killer.  So we hit the fast pass for Toy Story Mania (the only way to do that show) before popping into the Frozen Oaken Trading Post to do a little souvenir shopping.

And we called it a day by about 5 I think.  It was a long hot day and we only did 3 rides and 3 shows but that was enough with 3 kids 4 and under.  Everyone had a great time.  No major melt downs.  I was impressed with how well humored all the kids were.  

We even stopped for one last picture on the way out.
Only Charlie was completely over it.

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