Friday, June 13, 2014

The Schwartz's vs MSoD Recital 2014

Well another year of dance has come and gone.  I was not completely excited about this year's recital.  I didn't like the costumes and had seen barely any of the dance during class.  They didn't even let us see the dress rehearsal.  So really the recital was the first time I saw it.  And honestly I was so stressed about trying to get pictures of it that I didn't even really see the dance at the recital.  

I have now watched the video Tom took at least two dozen times with a huge smile on my face and all of a sudden my poo poo attitude has melted away and I love dance again.

So before I overload you with pictures I'll share Tom's video so I can put a huge smile on your face.

Sarah's the 3rd from the left and make sure you press the corners button to make it full screen so you can see their cute faces!

And now it's picture time!

Before her performance:
Jessie and Sarah
Sarah is cracking me up in this picture.  I'm not quite sure what she's doing with her hands but she muttered something about this is how you do it.  And this pose appeared in MOST of the pictures.  

Backstage waiting on the line.

We bring our girls back 3 songs before theirs and then pick them up from the line after their song.  What's funny is during that walk back and forth you see tons of mom's doing the dance mom shuffle as they run across the lobby to either drop off, return to their seats, or pick up their girls.  I did not wear the right shoes for doing the shuffle, my pinkie toes got rubbed a little raw.  Oops!

During the show:

Look at that smile!  She's loving it!

After the show:

After we picked the girls up, Tom was in the lobby waiting to take a picture of Annie and Jessie and he kindly offered to take one of me and Sarah.
And this moment/picture embodies for me why we do dance regardless of how much of a "waste" it seems to others because believe me, I know she won't grow up to be a prima ballerina.  Sarah rarely ever looks at the camera and gives a genuine smile anymore.  I get a lot of side eyes and cheese faces.  But here after just coming off the stage she was so excited and proud of herself when Tom offered to take our picture she wrapped her arm around my neck, pulled my face close to hers, and gave a real honest to goodness smile.  In the end, after all is said and done, it doesn't matter that I didn't like the costume, or was tired of getting everyone up early on Tuesday and going to dance.  Because Sarah loves it.  It puts a smile on her face and makes her happy.  I often reflect on how these moments are fleeting and there will come a time when she won't want to wear tutus and make up silly dances.  So I want to enjoy these moments now with her, and I'm glad she enjoys them too.

Again with this random pose. Silly girl!

After the WHOLE show:
Sarah with her Auntie Cam

Grandma and Grandpa with the kids

 Grandma and Grandpa brought their little dancer some flowers.

And now one more funny to me story.  When we got in the car Sarah and upset that she had "the wrong shoes" and I really didn't know what she was complaining about.  I chalked it up as tired Sarah talk.  Then when I watched the video for the first time I saw what she meant.  In the final bow you can see there's a big gap before Sarah came out.  Then when all the girls are tapping their feet she looks down and then looks really sad.  I changed her out of her tap shoes and put on her black paten leather shoes after we got back to her seat so that she won't tap up and down the aisle the rest of the show.  I didn't change her back into her tap shoes for the final bow because her shoes looked the same and it wouldn't matter.  Except it apparently did to her.  Ha!  Poor girl.  Even today when I showed her the video when it got to the bow she was going on and on about how I put her in the wrong shoes.  Note to self next year put her back in whatever shoes before sending her for the final bow.  Whoops.


  1. She is so beautiful, Natalie! I love her smile and big blue eyes. This is so fun for her because it's for her and not something she has tomshare with her brothers. I bet she loved those well earned flowers, too!

  2. Most every little girls dreams of being a ballerina, and you are giving her a gift that she will never forget. I took ballet for only two years when I was about Sarah's age and I will never forget it. I sucked at it, but I never knew that until much later in life because my Mom made me feel like I was the best ballerina ever. You are a rockstar.