Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Father's Day 2014

Traditional Father's Day Photo

One day I'll get up early enough to make breakfast, dress the kids, and have happy smiling faces before church with enough time to take the picture before the sun is blazing and everyone has squinty eyes.  That day, was not this father's day.  So again we have the right after church squinty eyed can't find a shady spot picture.  But I love it.

Father's Day was great.  The kids picked out cards for Chris again.  This year Cody is really into dump trucks so he got a dump truck card for Chris.  Sarah picked out a princess card that came with stickers but then wouldn't let Chris have the stickers.  ha!  

The kids did a wonderful job singing in sacrament.  Early in the year I thought I'd teach the nursery kids Daddy's Homecoming and include them as well.  But they still just stare at me during singing time so I switched that plan out for a medley I saw on the Primary Choisters FB group.  It was awesome!  However, I still wanted to do a little video of my kids singing daddy's homecoming.  So we tried to get one after church.

Take 1 came out the best:

Take 2, I got Sarah to finally look at the camera, but Cody refused to sing.  Take 3 they started fighting half way through, it was pretty funny I posted that one on facebook. 

I could say a whole bunch of sappy stuff about Chris right now, but nap time is almost over and I feel like I pretty much covered how awesome the dads in my family are last year.

I will say, I am so thankful that Chris is such an active and involved dad.  He loves our children and they know it.  Whenever he's asked, "daddy will you read to me?" or "daddy, do you want to play with me?" the answer is always yes.  He colors chalk.  He builds with legos.  He reads the same book over and over.  He's the tickle monster, the giant, the perpetual bad guy that Cody needs to fight.  He's Sarah's prince charming and ever willing dance partner.  

There is no doubt that Chris loves our children, and I love him.

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