Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Charlie's 2 Months Old

Charlie, it has been two months since you came into our lives.  Two months since you completed our family and filled each of our hearts with an immeasurable amount of love.

Sarah adores you.  She asks to hold you every day.  She kisses you each time she get into and out of the car.  She wants to squeeze you so bad that her hugs often contort you into ways that make me grateful that babies are bendable.  She sings you songs and declares that you like it when people say funny words to you.  I'm still not sure what that means.
Sarah just got up from her nap and the first thing she asked was if she could hold "Sharly".

Cody loves you.  He smiles real big when he sees you.  He gives you quick kisses on the top of the forehead before bed and nap time and sometimes just because he finds you somewhere and wants to kiss you, those are the most special kisses cause Cody doesn't often kiss anyone.  If you are laying on my bed it is impossible to keep him off because as he says he is "just trying to talk to Charlie!"  At times he can be found arming you with swords and shields.  These are his most prized possessions and he is looking forward to when you grow bigger and can play fight with him.
Sometimes Cody pets your face. 

Daddy is enamored with you.  Daddy has always loved babies but it seems when he holds you it's just a little bit tighter because you're the last.  When he gets home from work Daddy passes out kisses and then immediately picks you up.  He may still have a million things to do but he does them all with one hand now and you in the other.
3rd kid problems--dated hand me downs

I am in awe of you.  You are calm and quite.  You smile frequently.  Big gummy toothless smiles that squish up your whole face.  You smile when anyone is talking to you, and you smile when I sing to you.  You coo and talk and make fun noises.  Sometimes I can't believe you're already two months.  Other times to be honest it feels like it's been an eternity and I'm just ready for you to start walking and talking like the rest of them.  Sorry, Charlie, as much as I love you and you are hands down the best baby we've had, in the end, you're a baby.  And while I am enjoying every quite snuggle we have.  It also wears me out.  But by gosh you are cute, and sweet and I spend most days sitting around holding you, talking to you, and just loving on you.

We avoided a 1 month and 2 month check up because Dr. Catherine let us do a combined 6 week check up.  I probably should have done a post then but I didn't so here are some out dated stats about yourself.

At six weeks:
* Head--15.25 inches and in some percentile.  Ha! (third kid problems, mom doesn't write precentiles down anymore)
* Weight--11 lbs 9 oz.  50th percentile.  I know this one because everyone in the office high fived about you actually being on the growth chart.  This my dear sweet boy is nothing short of a miracle and for the first time in our family I don't have to drive out for weekly baby weight checks.  Yay!
* Length: 23.5 inches

You were so calm during your check up.  Sarah and Cody both screamed through all their baby check ups.  They even acted like getting weighed was pure torture.  You could have cared less about any of it.  Near the end you even fell asleep.  I tried to wake you before your shots but you wouldn't have it.  After the first needle you woke up screaming.  By the time it was all done a couple pats on the back and you were calm and went right back to sleep.

at your 6 week check up

Right now:
* You are still in a size 1 diaper but it's getting a bit tight I think.  But I'm not use to kids going through diaper sizes so quickly so I bought another box of ones at Costco and am going to shove you in another 156 of them before I concede and move you up to 2s.
* You wear 0-3 or 3 month clothes.  All those newborns are far too small and have been for a while.  I need to pack them up this week so your dad stops shoving you in them.
* You eat about once each night.  Sometime between 3 and 4 usually.  I'm going to give you one more month then we're going to start phasing that out hopefully.
* During the day you eat every 2 to 3 hours still.  And you seem to be developing the bad habit of snacking.  Since historically I struggle feeding babies I am constantly feeling your head and worrying if you've had enough to eat, which is honestly wearing me out.
* You don't take a paci very often.  Part of this is because you don't have excessive crying fits so I'm not trying to constantly shove one in your mouth.  The other is because you prefer to suck on your fist. However when you do get a paci you like those weird Soothie brand ones the hospital gave us and act all dramatic and gag if I push a Mam brand one (that Sarah and Cody both used) in your mouth.  We need to find a compromise here because do prefer paci to thumb sucking and need to get you to take one so we can drop the midnight feeding sometime .
* You sleep in the pack and play in our room throughout the night but move into our bed between 6 and 7 every day.
* You are very observant and like to be in the middle of the action.  You follow people with your eyes as they move around you.

You are going to be a busy boy one day.  But for now, we are loving our laid back little dude.

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