Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Schwartz's vs My Tiny Scooter Gang

A couple of months ago, before Charlie was born, we were hanging out at the park.  Sarah saw another boy there her age riding a pretty cool 3 wheeled scooter.  She asked for a turn and the kid let her try and she LOVED it.  She asked a few times for a scooter and I always told her that mommy and daddy would talk about it.  I was worried if we got her a scooter she wouldn't ride her bike anymore, but I also thought that if we got them both scooters Cody would finally have an outdoor toy he could ride by himself.  My lazy children have always taken their Coozy Coups as an opportunity to let me push them around.  Neither of them mastered the fact they were supposed to Fred Flinstone the things.

Well, fast forward to about a month ago and I saw the scooters Sarah wanted at Costco.  I talked to Chris about it again.  He was on board, and I hemmed and hawed.  Finally, I told Sarah if we could sell her pink Coozy Coup and pink tricycle that she has completely outgrown we could use the money to buy her a scooter.  I want her to understand these toys don't come from just anywhere that we pay for them.  I thought she'd freak out but she got it.  So I posted her things on a resale site and waited a few days for them to be picked up.  Then we went to Costco and bought the scooters.  And that by far was the best money we've spent in a while.

Both of the kids LOVE the scooters.  It took Cody a couple of days to get the hang of it.  But even before he could really ride it, he loved it.  He'd just walk beside it while we'd go for family walks.  Now he's a pro.  He's dangerously fast and has the cutest little skater boy stance when he glides.  He really likes to get going fast and then squat low while he rides or shimmy the handles to wiggle the wheels back and forth.  Even Sarah had gotten quite daring with it hanging her leg out while she glides or wrapping it around the pole.  Our evening walks are much more entertaining now.


  1. Oh that's a good idea about making them sell the old ones to get new scooters for the evening walks. They look so cute too!!! :)

  2. Way to keep the clutter down! Yet another reason i love ya!