Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Surprise! (And an egg hunt)

When I found out my parents would both be in town over Easter I emailed my brother and asked him if he would come up so we could all be together one last time before my parents leave for their 18 month mission in Bangkok, Thailand.  We are not the best communicators in my family so in typical Smith form, he just never responded to my email.  And I gave up.

Little did I know that while my mom was in town he contacted her and said he and his family would be up for Easter as a surprise to everyone.  He arrived on Good Friday at my house and we were all shocked.  But Emily wasn't at my house.  So we kept everything off facebook because we were already planning on going to her ward's Easter Egg Hunt Saturday morning.

The look on her face when she walked up the driveway and saw Pete was priceless.  I am so glad he made the trip!  It was so nice to all hang out together at the egg hunt.  I love my family.  We absolutely all fit together so it's nice when we get to hang out and have fun.

Like my dad's new golf hat?  

Cody and Henry loved the bubbles.  I'd say that was Cody's favorite thing, but I think his favorite thing was actually throwing the balls out of the little blow up ball pit tent thing. 

Pete's family playing cornhole.  

Emily and Allison

Pete and Chris

Cody is supposed to be listening to the devotional they had before the egg hunt.  But I guess, for that matter I was supposed to be listening too instead of taking pictures.  Whoops.

For reference so I can remember the idea, they roped off the egg hunt areas and decorated the rope with ombre paint chips die cut into eggs.  Such a cute idea!

To make things more fair they had a 10 egg limit.  Sarah didn't really understand so the more she put in her basket, I'd take out and throw back in the field.  It all worked out.

Our ward doesn't do an egg hunt.  Now I kind of wish they did.  It was a nice social for the Germantown Ward.

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  1. Ok so I have this fuzzy memory of singing a Jimmy Buffet song in a karaoke bar wearing a hat exactly like your Dad's.