Monday, April 21, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Easter 2014

I really failed on the whole picture taking this weekend, which is a real shame because as I mentioned this will be the last time we are all together for at least 2 years.  I should have been snapping pictures like crazy.  

Normally I take a 6 week maternity leave from church.  I know that sounds crazy since I only take 2 weeks off from the gym. But here's why, Monday through Saturday I have to get up and get moving and I go go go all day taking care of the kids.  Sunday is the only day I'm guaranteed to have Chris home.  Therefore, it's the only day I get to rest.  So I take 6 weeks off from church and basically use that one day a week to hole up in my bedroom and do nothing but sleep and nurse the new baby.  

BUT, you can't stay home from church on Easter Sunday.  That's just wrong.  So I got up and got everyone dressed and we headed out for sacrament.  Of course, I also went cause I wanted to show off new Easter outfits.  You know I love coordinating Easter outfits.  Well, now that I have 2 of the same gender I get to do MATCHING Easter outfits.  Yay!  I'm really looking forward to when all the boys are big enough to wear matching ties.  I guess I have about 2 years till then.

Cody was still not in the mood to take pictures.  He was a really bo-bo head all weekend.  So this is the best I could get.  Oh well.  Look how cute the boys are in their matching outfits!

Pete and his family needed to get home since it's about an 8 hour drive.  But they were nice enough to stay for Easter lunch before hitting the road.  It was a little stressful doing a big meal, I've yet to have to host a family event.  But we picked an easy menu and did a ton of prep work on Saturday during nap time.  We had a spiral glazed ham, twice baked potatoes, green bean casserole, honey glazed carrots, deviled eggs, and rolls.  Everything was very yummy if I do say so myself!

We also had one more egg hunt for the kids.  So I'll end with pictures of the kids gathering more sugar filled eggs.  Yay sugar!


  1. Aww the boys need little bow ties!! And that's smart to take the break on Sundays. That's the closest we have to down time and we don't even have a newborn in the house

  2. They looked adorable, and you know how I feel about matching boys! Zulilly has matching ties from infant all the way up to men's so just keep looking at the boys dress clothes events. I love matching ties, it's a fairly inexpensive way to get your point across without a huge amount of effort. Great job pulling off a family dinner right after having a baby, that's impressive.