Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Thundersleet 2014

Saturday it was 70 degrees around here.  We enjoyed the day out and about shopping and wearing short sleeves and flip flops.  So while the weather men kept saying we'd be getting significant ice accumlation on Sunday I just laughed.  We've been lied to so many times before.  Plus, in my mind even when the freezing rain came it couldn't possibly stick the ground was too warm.

Wrong.  I was so wrong.

Sunday the freezing rain started and immediately accumulated on the trees.  Then it switched to sleet and sleeted for hours upon hours.  All while we enjoyed a wonderful thunder and lightening show.  That's right.  We had thundersleet. 

We lost power around 8:30.  We've been lucky at our house in the past ice storms and haven't lost power.  This time it flashed 3 times before going out.  And each time it flashed we heard a power transformer groan.  I figured we'd be down for a while.  But I must give major props to our town and our electrical company they were working hard in that weather and we were up within 90 minutes and kept power throughout the rest of the storm.

At some point in the middle of the night it switched from sleet to snow and then we had flurries at our house all day on Monday.  

Here's a picture of our ice drift on our back deck.  This is just sleet and maybe an inch of snow.  It got bigger throughout the day on Monday as more snow continued to fall.

Basically everything was closed and Chris stayed home from work because our roads out here were bobsled tracks.  Sarah was so excited to get to go out and play in the "snow".  She missed the last time it snowed because it melted by noon.  So as soon as breakfast was over we bundled the kids up to take them outside.

On the ice drift.

Sarah was so excited.

Our backyard was solid ice.  It was so slippery!  Sarah busted almost immediately but popped up laughing.  She thought it was great.  Cody on the other hand hated being outside the whole time because it was so windy.  Without the wind chill it was 18 degrees, I have no idea how cold it was with the windchill but he wasn't having it.

Mommy's bad idea.

I know a lot of people out here own sleds but we don't.  We get maybe one or two days of ice each year.  I'm not buying a sled to store for 363 days out of the year.  So I figured we'd just push the kids around on the trash can lid.  Except we have no hill and our yard is completely flat.  Cody was not a fan.

Sarah, however, was so excited to be out in the snow was up for anything and kept asking Chris to push her on the lid again and again.

I guess I'll buy a sled like everyone else and store it all year in the hopes we get one random day of ice/snow.

The only car suited for our road.  Well, that and apparently a riding lawn mower because someone passed us on theirs.

Sarah making an ice angel.  No idea where she learned that from but she plopped down and started doing it.

The kids were begging to build a snow man so I put Chris in charge of that while I retreated to the garage to avoid the wind.  It was impossible.  All we had was ice, and a light dusting of dry snow.  We couldn't even form snowballs.  Instead we just tossed snow at each other until I bribed them inside with promises of a movie.
Failing at Olaf.

Tuesday the roads were still in deplorable condition but Chris needed to go to the dr and get a few things done at work.  And unfortunately the Y was open so I had to go in case someone showed up for class (no one did).  I white knuckle drove to the gym with Chris behind me.  I got stuck once but he thankfully got me out.  I was not happy.  Thankfully, the people in my class all had good common sense so no one came and I was able to leave after a certain amount of time.  I came home and let the kids play outside in the back yard while I stayed in and watched them through the windows.  Too cold for me!

No snow toys, fine we'll use sand toys.

Since it wasn't windy or as bitterly cold anymore the kids were much happier and played out side for a couple hours until it was lunch time.

This is my new favorite picture of Cody.  I know I'm his mom so of course I think he's handsome but I look at this picture and just melt.  His cold rosy cheeks, and cute tuft of blond hair sticking out of my beanie he stole from me.  And that denim jacket.  I'll be so sad when he out grows it.

After nap time the kids wanted back outside and begged me to come play.  So we built snow castles.  

Cody planting his Microport flag in his castle.

Packing the ice into the bucket.

Wednesday the roads are thawing out at little more.  The back roads are still really iced over.  But one good thing about our house is we have about a 2 mile drive to get to 51 and that road is finally starting to thaw so it was a little easier to get to the highway today.  And then more of the same, go to the gym, teach my class, come home pitch my kids out in the snow to play until lunch.  I could get use to this.  But it's starting to make me feel like we need a fence so I wouldn't have to worry so much and stick my head outside and call for them every 10 minutes.

I'm hoping we thaw out today and tomorrow.  The ice has been fun for the kids but not for me to drive and we have place to go and people to see.  Plus all this ice is making me want to watch Frozen on repeat!


  1. Whoa, the ice drift is awesome! And, yes.. Thats an adorable pic of such a handsome little boy!

  2. You should definitely go get a sled. As soon as you do, we will get no more winter weather, lol. That's always how it works, right? And I'm ready for Spring time!