Monday, February 17, 2014

The Schwartz's vs A Visit to the Ranch

It has been a cold, wet, nasty winter here folks.  And not even the good kind of cold that comes with snow.  We got one day of snow, it was barely an inch, and melted by noon.  Cody got to play in it but Sarah was on a date with Chris so she missed out on the snow and has lamented about that multiple times since.  Other than that we've endured about 3 ice storms, and weeks straight of below zero with the wind chill weather.  We have been cooped up and were starting to go crazy.

Our wonderful neighbor who has a son Cody's age messaged me yesterday and asked if it wasn't raining if I wanted to go out to the ranch with her.  And even thought it was a bit windy today (and we did get rained on for a few minutes) the weather was above 60 degrees for the first time in forever so we excitedly headed to the ranch.  Her friend had told her that 2 cows gave birth yesterday so we were excited to see the new calves.

I'm really glad Sara invited us, not only was it great to see the kids interacting with the animals it was just fun to watch all of them be together.  They ran everywhere we had to go with huge smiles on their faces.  Sarah would hold Connor's had.  And Cody and Connor were constantly trying to sneak off and jump in puddles together.  After such a long and nasty winter, they definitely needed this time to run around on the ranch together.

Sarah meeting the new girl calf.

Cody meeting the new boy calf.

Mooing at the calves' dad who was outside.

After we met the new calves the kids went running around the various fields to see the horses.  All the animals seemed pretty friendly.  

Sarah told me the white horse was her favorite animal that we met today.  
It just licked her in this picture so she's laughing.

I love Cody's smile in this picture.  But you'll have to click to make the picture bigger to see it.

Cody loves horses.  Aside from the zoo he's never really seen one so I think it's interesting how both of my children LOVE horses and talk about them all the time.  When we had Cody's allergy screen done last year we learned he's got a few grass allergies (normal stuff like hay), and a few animal danders.  We got him screened because of the reactions he was having around Auntie Em's cats and I wanted to make sure he didn't need something stronger than benedryl.  

Cody after being around cats.

Anyway, on the allergy screen it turns out that cats are not his worst animal allergy.  Horses are.  So I filed that information away under the, oh he'll never get to ride a horse file, and then forgot about it.  So since we are never around horses I didn't even think about drugging Cody before we went to A RANCH.  Whoops!  I'm an awesome mom.  After petting a few horses and throwing some hay he started rubbing his eye.  Thankfully though, shortly after that it started to rain and I think it actually washed some of the hair off, and I washed his hands and face in the bathroom real quick and we avoided a reaction.  Maybe he can ride a horse one day.  Or maybe when I go in after nap time I'll be greeted by Quasimodo.  You never know.  

 Anyway, after we popped into the office for a minute and the kids were amazed by the fish tank, it's the little things in life, Connor wanted to see the chickens so we went to visit the coop.

And here is where my secret fear of chickens became known.  Every time we go to the zoo I bring some cheerios to toss to the chickens that wander around the farm exhibit.  I do it on purpose to get them to come close so the kids can see them.  Then once it starts working I freak out, scoop up the kids, and basically run away while Chris laughs at me and asks why I do this every time.  I have no response to that.  They just rush up on you so quick and suddenly I'm afraid of being attacked by violent chickens.  I'm not right in the head.

But my kids are not afraid of chickens.  So they were running around chasing the chickens.  Sarah found some brush and was convinced she was going to catch and wash one.  I'm outside the fence telling them not to go into the coop for a couple of reasons, 1) unreasonable fear of violent chickens, 2) big mud puddle in front of the coop.

I will say they had a lot of different types of chickens and they were very beautiful.  My mom's dad use to collect or maybe he drew cards with chickens on them.  Or I'm completely wrong and thinking of something else.  And Chris's mom collects roosters.  So I really do like to look at them and find them very colorful and beautiful, just from the other side of a fence.
Sarah chasing chickens and yelling cock-a-doodle-do at them.

Cody chasing chickens, "Come here Chicken!"

Then on the way to see the goats we got to see our host Emma's show cows.  They were very friendly and came up to the fence.  One of them, Moo-moo, really seemed to like Cody.  He watched him and walked along the fence beside him.  Moo-moo did not like Sarah, because she is loud and kept yelling moo at them.  

Cody petting Moo-Moo

Cody and Moo-Moo

The goats were adorable and very friendly.  The minute they saw Emma the entire group came running to the fence.

So excited to pet the goat.

This black and brown goat was very friendly and spent the most time near the fence.  It also had the cutest baby!  I just wanted to hop over the fence and pick up that baby and cuddle it.

Adorable baby goat.  Can I keep it?

Cody loved the goats.

He kept asking "can I touch it" and was very excited when the goat would come close enough for him to reach it.

We really needed some sunshine and this outing.  I thanked Sara immensely for inviting us.  And the kids are already looking forward to and talking about next time.  Cody wants to hop in the puddles with Connor and Sarah wants to pet the pigs.  Both of them will probably be very disappointed because puddles do not sound like fun to me and this ranch doesn't have any pigs.  

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  1. I want that baby goat, too! It's so cute! What a great little trip. I'm glad Cody didn't have a reaction and got to enjoy the ranch. Fun, fun! So ready for spring!