Monday, February 3, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Sarah's Birthday Interview (Age 4)

Sarah, we did your birthday interview on your birthday.  But you were so focused on Christmas it wasn't a true representation of who you are and what you like.  So we did it again a couple of days after your Tinkerbell Birthday party.  It was a lot better without you constantly naming Christmas songs and movies.  Ha!

I love doing these with you.  I hope one day when you are old you watch these videos and giggle at yourself.  Here's a peek back at last year's interview click here.

Sarah's 4 Year Old Birthday Interview

The transcript

Some of your answers still confuse me, like when you said Ariel was your favorite movie, when right now it's Frozen.  Other answers make me giggle like when you said that lettuce was your favorite thing to eat for breakfast.   I loved it when I asked where you want to go on vacation and you said a hotel so you can watch movies.  Not quite sure if you think we watch movies in hotel or you are just referring to the fact that when we go on long car rides you get to watch movies and recently our long trips have involved hotel stays.  And other responses I just don't get at all.  Like when I asked what's your favorite thing to do inside, you said, "calm down and cool off, but sometimes I just want to ride my bike."  It's been freezing, literally we have had wind chills taking us into the single digit weather, for over a month straight now.  You haven't been outside since I don't know when so I don't know why you said your favorite thing to do inside was calm down and cool off but you just want to ride your bike.  You are a silly silly girl.  

I'm looking forward to seeing how your answers change next year! 

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