Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Schwartz's vs My Big Boy!

This may be a little premature, but at two weeks in I'm going to call it.  Well, we're almost at the end of week three cause I didn't want to call it too early.  Cody is a big boy now.  He is potty trained!

Is that a choir of angels I hear singing Hallelujah?

I really thought potty training Cody was going to be the death of me.  He is a stubborn mule.
Angry when he opened his big boy undies on Christmas morning.
"I no wear those!"

I worried that I talked about it too much.  I've been talking to Cody about potty training since before Christmas.  And we started and stopped at least 2 times.  I know I put him in undies one day then quit.  Then Chris was supposed to do it in January and quit after one day.  So last Monday when I decided to put him in big boy undies I knew it was going to have to be all or nothing.  I couldn't keep getting frustrated and giving in.

I'm not sure what made me decide to start.  I think I didn't want to go to the gym so I figured if I was skipping it better be for a good reason.  So I put him in those big boy undies set the timer for 20 minutes and got ready for the worst.  I moved a bunch of books into the bathroom and prepared to squeeze in there and read to him.  We would sit in the bathroom for about 10 minutes and read books, every 20 minutes.  All.  Day.  Long.

We had a few victories, which were rewarded generously with M&Ms and stickers for this chart.
I went pee pee in the potty!

We had a lot of accidents.

We gave up on wearing pants, and apparently shirts.

Tuesday I rolled the desk chair in the bathroom because I couldn't sit on a little stool or the edge of the bathtub anymore.  And again every 20 minutes the timer went off.  We'd read 3 or 4 books.  He liked sitting in there.  All.  Day.  Long.  I got really excited about nap time.  And gym time.  Except I felt bad because he peed all over himself twice while I was teaching.

By Wednesday I was tired of the timer going off every 20 minutes.  I was tired of changing Cody's undies EVERY 20 minutes because he'd pee just a little in them and not say anything, then squeeze 3 drops into the toilet so he could get his M&Ms and a sticker.

I called my mom just to vent.  I was getting slightly murderous.  She sent me "starry" an alarm she used to night train Peter and Emily.  It has leads that goes to it and sets off an alarm when it detects moisture, I was hoping that would help curb the pee a little in his undies and not care problem.  

I almost had a Valentine's Day Massacre when Friday of the first week it all came to a head.  While in the waiting room at my OBGYN Cody peed and flooded the floor.  It soaked his socks and his shoes.  In my 8 months pregnant glory I had to mop his giant puddle and river of pee up off the floor, change him into his spare pants (which were 18 month sweat pants that are now capris) take off his shoes and socks so he was barefoot and try to sit there for another 20 minutes and maintain a sliver of dignity.  On the drive home, we were going to stop at Grandma and Grandpa Schwartz's to drop off Valentine cookies, I stopped at Sonic to get a drink and checked him.  He'd flooded his car seat.  We drove straight home.  I was hormonal and not happy.  We got home, I changed him again and went to wrestle the car seat out of the car.  I hate getting car seats in and out of the car.  I come back in and he's playing on my bed, with a giant turd in his pants on and he peed a little too.  Awesome.  We sat on the potty for the next hour until Chris got home.  I was done.  Starry arrived, but needed new batteries.  We never got it put together before we had a breakthrough. 

Week 2 things made a major turn for the better.  We kept the timer going but took the books out of the bathroom so we didn't have to hang out in there.  We started taking small ventures out of the house.  We carried candy with us to bribe him to take potty breaks in public.  We stayed dry.

We were still having poo problems, which really surprised me considering how easy it is to know when Cody is pooping.  Cody has a bad belly; he's always had a bad belly.  And part of that means he gets HORRIBLY constipated.  Like poops once every 3 days and cries.  You know when he's pooping.  He's pooped on the potty plenty of times before we started potty training cause I'd figure out what was going on and put him on the potty to do it. 

Tuesday, Chris picked him up and took him to Wal-mart to pick out cars for his poop-prize box.  He was adorably excited about this outing.  He ran up to Chris when he got to dance class and yelled, "Daddy!  You take me to buy cars?"  Now we were ready to get this pooping problem under control.  

Potty Central

After a few days of not pooping I put him on the potty, gave him the iPad, set Sarah in there to make sure he didn't try to throw it in the potty.  (He can't anyway, he can't get off the potty by himself...not tall enough yet.)  And left them alone for about 30 minutes.  He relaxed and played games and then I heard the excited yell, "Mom!  I pooped in the potty!  I pooped in the potty!"  And he earned the car he'd been wanting to hold every time we went to the bathroom.  He wanted that car bad!


On Thursday of week 2 we had a major breakthrough!  Cody came up to me and said, "Mom I need to go potty!" And we ran there to discover he was still dry and he did indeed need to go potty!  I took him off the timer as a test.  We stayed dry and earned another car that day! 

When he gets up in the morning we take his diaper off and put on big boy undies.  Friday he was already in his big boy undies and I was picking out his clothes for the day I asked him, "what do you want to wear?"  He said very stubbornly, "I wear big boy undies.  I go to hockey game."  A long time ago we told him that as soon as he started wearing big boy undies and keeping them clean he could go to a hockey game with Dad.  He was ready for his game.  He was telling me when he needed to go, he was holding it till we got to a potty.  He earned the hockey game.

Chris called his parents to see if there was a game anytime soon and if we could go with them.  There happened to be a game that night and so we all ventured out for Cody's big reward.  This was scary it takes about 90 minutes I think to get to the hockey arena from our house.  I did not want him to flood my car again.  Plus I worried that he'd be too into the game to tell us he needed to go potty.  

He was a little scared at first but after he got his popcorn he was happy.

Watching the hockey guys with Grandpa.

With this milestone, Grandma and Grandpa treated the kids to their own hockey sweaters because the rule is that you can start going to games with just grandma and grandpa once you're potty trained.  So now Cody is officially a big boy.  And I rejoiced!  

While it started out rough, and I'm not sure we've quite mastered pooping, it's good enough for me to call it.  He's off the timer.  He tells me when he wants to go potty.  And I survived potty training another human.  I guess I can do this one more time in a couple of years.

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  1. Oh that's so great that he's potty trained! And just in time for that new sweet baby to arrive :)