Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Schwartz's vs Breaking Cody

We decided that when we got home from our trip to TX that Chris would take the last 2 days off work and potty train Cody.

It took all of one day for him to give up.  Ha!  Potty training is not for the weak or faint of heart.
Proud of his big boy undies.

So that night at dinner, while Cody's pee cascaded down his chair and he didn't say anything and we decided that clearly it's not time to potty train.  I jokingly said to Chris, "well, let's at least take his paci away and feel like we've accomplished something."  Chris took me seriously and took Cody's paci!

I have a weird relationship with the paci.  I don't know why I'm so obsessed with the idea that you have to take them away at a certain age or whatever.  I looked back on the blog and Sarah was a little younger than this when we took hers.  But she also bit hers and understood what she did and so it was easier to take it away.

Cody cherishes his paci.  He takes good care of it.  He is always careful to leave it on his pillow in his crib.  He gets excited for nap time cause he gets his paci.  

But Chris took it and that's that.  And I have felt so much guilt about it.  It took about 3 days for him to stop crying over it at nap time and bed time.  And each time he'd cry my heart would break.  I felt like a bully.  He didn't do anything wrong and I took away his beloved paci.  It'd be like taking away Sarah's Roar or my bunny when I was a kid. 

I didn't cave though cause once you make a decision like this you have to push forward.  If you cave and give it back then you just have to go through the whole process again at some point and it'll probably be worse. 

"Mom. Mom. Mommy!  Take a picture of my airplane."

On day 3 with a horrible screaming/crying fit during nap time I went in there and picked him up and held him.  I asked him if he was upset because paci was gone and he did his whole body wave which is how he shakes his head yes.  I told him paci got lost in TX and if I could I'd go back and get it but it's gone.  He cried some more.  Then I reminded him that he still had his blankie and his puppy.  

He's done a little better since then but it's still not the same.  My happy little boy who loved taking naps and going to bed is now belligerent at nap time.  My great sleeper who would consistently give me 3 hour naps and wouldn't make a peep in the mornings is now screaming at 6 am.  I am not a fan of this.  

Look mom, I did the pig puzzle all by myself.

I'm letting the 3rd kid keep their paci until they move out.

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