Monday, December 16, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Wreaths and Starry Nights

On the 4th Day of Christmas we made construction paper wreaths, and walked Starry Nights.  I know right!  Two activities in one day, I must be super mom.  Well...I really had two scheduled in case it was raining or too cold to go to Starry Nights.  However, since my daughter and husband are impervious to the cold he kept me to the walking Starry Nights plan and so we did both.

This was our first craft of the year.  I know as a stay-at-home-mom there is some sort of code that I'm supposed to do crafts with my kids on a regular basis.  But with my control issues and burning hatred of messes we stick to coloring.  So this was a big deal for them.

Sarah was very excited and did a great job.  Sure, she used a little too much glue and wasn't really doing it the way I would or showed her to do it.  But she was getting it done with minimal mess so I let it ride.

Sarah putting the squares down on her plate.

Cody was just fascinated by the glue.  As I was helping Sarah he reached for it figured out how to open it and then just wanted to keep squirting it out.  Thankfully he had the jacked up bottle so you had to squeeze it pretty hard to get any out.  This kept his mess to a minimum.
Cody playing with the glue.

But I had to come behind him and put green squares down because he had no interest in that part of the craft.  He just wanted to squeeze glue.

All done!

After he was tired with the glue he announced that he was all done and asked to go night night.  So I put his bow on for him later.  

Sarah was loving it and carefully arranged her squares just the way she wanted them.  She was really excited to get to use the glue herself and kept telling me this was fun.

Putting on the bow as a final touch.

Trying to show me what she made.

Since Cody was done and wanted nothing more to do with his wreath I didn't get a finished product picture until Chris got home.  And even then he didn't want me to take a picture so I had to sneak this one while he was proudly showing Chris what he made.

Cody showing off his wreath.

Then we hung them on the door and quickly scarfed down dinner so we could head to Starry Nights.

Monday nights at Starry Nights is car free.  It's for walkers, joggers, bicycles, and dogs.  We went last year with our friends and I enjoyed it.  So I put it on the calendar again.  Even though we've had a really cold winter so far it was a pretty mild night and we didn't freeze to death.  Though near the end, Sarah did tell us that her eye balls were frozen.  She did not like my suggestion to close her eyes.

I thought Cody was going to flip out and love it this year.  He yells at me from the back seat whenever we are driving at night, "Mom!  Where are lights?"  And then laughs manically whenever he finds some.  So I was surprised at how indifferent he was to Starry Nights.  He mostly just wanted to ride in the wagon and would only get out to pet the various dogs that were there.  In fact, I think both of the kids were more interested in everyone's dogs then any of the lights.

Entrance sign

Sarah in the wagon at the beginning.

Cody was excited at the beginning.

They both wanted to get out of the wagon to wave at the man paddling around in the lake.  Then they ran around for a little bit and that was pretty cute.  Watching Cody run is hilarious because it shouldn't work but it does.

However, by the half way point they both were fading.  Sarah just wanted to go home, but I wanted to walk through Star Forrest.

Star Forrest is my favorite part of the display.

The main down side to walking Starry Nights is that it's a one way exhibit for cars.  You see, you drive through then you leave out the back side.  Well, when you walk it, you park at the beginning.  So you have to turn around at the end and walk all the way back through to the beginning.  

And by that point our kids looked like this:

While we were walking back to the car, Chris and I decided not to put this on the calendar for next year.  The kids are still a bit too young to make it the whole way through and back.  It took us 3 hours from parking to walking to back to the car.  That's a long night.  Maybe we'll add it back to the calendar when at least Sarah can ride her bike the whole way and the other two can ride in child seats attached to our bikes.  

However, when we got home and I was getting them in their pjs and ready for bed I said, "my favorite part was Star Forrest?  What was yours?"  And Cody quickly said, "I liked the rocket ships!"  And Sarah said, "My favorite part was the man in the boat.  No.  Wait.  I liked the under the sea part."  

So that made me feel better to know that they did enjoy it and had parts that they excitedly talked about afterwards.  

Ho ho ho!
8 More Days to go!

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  1. I wondered how that worked on Mondays. I wasn't sure if there was a shuttle or something at the end that looped around and back to the cars or what. That's something they should put in for next year, lol. Maybe a little Christmas train or something. And my favorite parts are Star Forrest and the under the sea part too. That's why I wanted to walk it this year and take some good pictures. We ended up going one night that B had a friend over.