Friday, December 20, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Tissue Paper Stained Glass Nativities

On the 8th Day of Christmas, we made stained glass nativities with tissue paper and talked about the birth of Jesus.  

By this point in our Christmas celebrations the kids are getting the hang of our little crafts and are excited when it's time to work on them.  After dinner I told them that daddy was going to get them ready for bed and then we'd make our craft.  Cody quickly yelled, "I wanna make crap!"  Bahahahaha! And Sarah just has such a huge smile and is so eager to do whatever it is we're doing.

I found this craft here.  And they included a free printable template for the nativity silhouette.  So I asked Chris to cut those out of black construction paper at work during the day.  All I needed to do prep wise was cut tissue paper into small squares for the kids to glue down.  The person who's blog I got the craft from recommended using contact paper but I didn't have any on hand so we just used wax paper and glue.  It worked just fine.

I loved watching the different thought process on sticking the tissue paper down.  Cody just did it haphazardly while Sarah carefully select colors and lined up rows of the paper.

Cody needed a little bit of help.

But Sarah was a champ.  I only needed to help to show her to overlap some colors to make sure there was no wax paper showing through.

Eventually though, Cody lost interest in putting the tissue squares on the wax paper and became more interested in turning them into little balls.  He'd roll one up and announce "I made a ball!"

Showing off one of the balls his made.

Then while Chris glued the silhouette nativities down the kids both set to work making little balls of tissue paper.

Showing off their almost finished product.  We had to let them dry over night and then trim the excess wax paper off.

I think this has been Sarah's favorite craft so far.  And Cody enjoyed making tissue paper balls a whole bunch.  And Chris and I both love them!  We made sure to tape them on the widow of the craft door so the light shines through.  They are so pretty.  We'll definitely be including this next year, perhaps a little earlier so we can enjoy them longer.

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  1. I think this one is my favorite craft so far! I always loved doing the stained glass things for holidays when I was a kid.