Monday, December 16, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Sarah's Birthday Movie Outing

Since Sarah's second birthday we've had a tradition of my good friends Susan, Steffanie, and Cam taking Sarah to a movie.  (We were supposed to take Cody this year since he turned 2 but he wasn't movie theater ready.)  These "aunties" love my kids like their own, and my kids love them to pieces.  So it's nice to have a birthday tradition with them so they can celebrate with my kids without having to endure over crowded toddler and family filled birthday parties.

This year the party grew a bit.  As we were driving to my PT appointment on Friday, I thought Cody was sleeping so I was chatting with Sarah and telling her that tomorrow we'd be going to see the new ice princess movie with her aunts.  Cody was apparently not asleep and piped up saying, "I go see movie!  I go see aunts!"  So I had to break his little heart by saying that this was something special that just mommy and Sarah were going to do.  And then Sarah melted me by saying, "But mom!  Cody has to go!  He's my best friend!"  So Cody and Daddy both scored invitations to Sarah's birthday movie outing.  

Of course, the next day when Sarah was being a turd she took back her invitation and did not want Cody to go.  But she once again came around thankfully because Cody was really excited about going and Chris also confessed he was really excited about getting to see Frozen too.  

The movie was awesome!  Frozen is definitely my favorite new Disney movie.  (Mulan is my favorite classic animation Disney movie.)  Sarah loves movies so she was hooked the whole time.  Cody who really isn't a big tv watcher also did a great job.  He only hopped laps twice.  He left Aunt Susan's when Queen Elsa was being attacked.  It freaked him out a bit.  Chris loved the movie.  He wants to know when we can go see it again.  And I'm with him!  Take your kids to go see Frozen!

After the movie we always take Sarah out to eat.  Since she's old enough to pick a place I told her she could choose anywhere she wanted to go.  She picked Chick-fil-a.  And I had to explain that we couldn't go there because Aunt Cam doesn't eat chicken.  The look on her face was hilarious.  She was completely puzzled and said, "Aunt Cam doesn't eat chicken?  Why doesn't Aunt Cam eat chicken!?"  Then she even tried to call Cam to ask her about why she doesn't eat chicken.  When she didn't answer, Sarah called Chris to make sure he knew that Aunt Cam didn't eat chicken and ask him why.  It was pretty funny!

So we decided to go to Red Robin.  Sarah loves french fries and I hardly ever let her have them.  So with Red Robin's endless fry basket I knew she'd love it.  Emily, Henry, and Allison also joined us at Red Robin for dinner.  She texted earlier in the day and asked what our plans were.  I told her about Frozen and she was up for it.  However, because of a communication error she wound up at the wrong movie theater.  Ooops!  I'm glad she found her way to the right restaurant. 

Around the table: Cam, Sarah, Susan, Steffanie, Allison
Emily, Natalie, Cody, Chris, Henry

Fun Red Robin tip that I learned from an old co-worker.  Red Robin's fries are endless so as soon as you order your burger, go ahead and ask for your fries.  So we had some french fries as an appetizer and asked the server to keep them coming.  I'm not sure how many Sarah ate, but based off how little of her burger she ate...I'm going to go with a ton.  I think she ate a ton of fries.

Then it was presents time.  As always, my friends spoiled Sarah rotten.

Opening Auntie Cam's present.

A new Rapunzel with a horse!

Aunt Steffanie got Sarah a barbie sized Rapunzel whose hair changes color with cold water. 
However, it's not the water that changes the color we learned last night, it's just the temperature.  Sarah wanted to take the doll to the music program and when she got outside with Rapunzel her hair started changing.  She was quite surprised!

Opening Aunt Susan's present.

A Queen Elsa dress up dress!

Susan and Steffanie also gave her some fancy princess Del Sol nail polish that changes colors in the sunlight.  She is dying for us to find the time to paint her nails.

They also made sure Cody wasn't left out.  He was a little upset when Sarah was opening all her presents.  They brought him a new coloring book and also some cute little planes.

Cody opening his planes.

Him having a present from his aunts came in handy twice already.  First at Red Robin when Sarah was opening her stuff.  And then Sunday after nap time when Sarah was finally allowed to open the boxes and get her new dolls out.  Chris said Cody was really upset.  So Chris reminded Cody that his new little airplanes were from his Aunts and he perked right up.  He even came to find me in the kitchen and tell me about his airplanes that Susan and Steffanie gave him.

I think my favorite part of the evening was seeing Sarah's face when the servers came out to sing their Happy Birthday song to her.  This is her first restaurant birthday and once she realized they were singing to her she lit up.  She was so excited.  I'm sorry it's just a little instagram picture.  I didn't have my big camera out anymore.  


  1. Such a big girl; Happy Birthday sweet Sarah!!

    We also really loved Frozen. I want the soundtrack!

  2. That picture is precious! And what a fun tradition. I've heard so many good reviews on Frozen that we have scheduled some cousin time during the winter break to go see it.