Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Reindeer Games at the CMoM

For the 2nd Day of Christmas, we went to the Children's Museum of Memphis for their "Reindeer Games".  It boasted of various Christmas crafts, games, and performances for the kids.

They also had a few costumed characters walking around.  It never ceases to amaze me that my kids are willing to walk up to creepy characters.

Sarah and the Gingerbread Man

Sarah and Rudolph

I mean seriously, Cody was terrified of the push impression board and refused to get out of my arms for any of the exhibits in the first room.  But this guy doesn't bother him.
Cody and the creepy Gingerbread Man.

They also visited with the not nearly as awesome as the one at our party, Santa.

Thankfully there was no line because Cody went running as soon as he saw Santa.

Kids with Santa
 Then we walked around and made a few of the crafts that were available.
Cody made a candy cane.

Ta da!

Sarah working on her candy cane.

Proud of her accomplishment.  (PS, why can't she look at the camera!?!)

Then they also made a Santa beard.

Carefully filling Santa's beard with cotton balls.

Chris helping Cody glue his cotton balls down.

Ho ho ho!

Santa Cody

The other crafts had longer lines that what I thought my kids could endure so we played in some of the exhibits while we waited for the bell choir performance.  

Sarah is finally tall enough to really be able to climb and maneuver in the sky scraper.

And Cody had the best time in the tot lot.

Both of the kids were exited to go fishing in the MS river.  And it wasn't crowded so they were easily able to get some poles and catch some fish.
Cody with his catch of the day.  He did it all by himself with the pole.

Sarah showing off her fine fish she caught.

When it was time for the children's bell choir we headed over to have a listen.  I just recently had our primary president purchase us a set of 13 hand bells for us to use and so I'm a little bell obsessed.  The ones this school were playing were the beautiful professional brass ones.  The kids read the music and played wonderfully.  Me and my primary use some color coded bells and all they have to do is follow my finger and ring their bell when their color comes up.

After a few songs they asked for 7 volunteers.  I don't think they were expecting my kids but up they popped and the teacher was kind enough to let them participate.

Cody isn't smiling in this picture but he really was very excited to get a turn.  He ran over to the bell players after their first song and me in all my pregnant glory was stuck on the floor and had to crawl quickly over to retrieve him.

For the bell demonstration with the volunteers, the teacher got out the same bells as my primary has.  I have one very important rule which I have explained to my kids and the primary kids.  DON'T TOUCH THE THINGY IN THE MIDDLE.  I'm such a musical technician.  

So of course the first thing my kids do is touch the thing in the middle.

The teacher got out a color dot chart (so at least I'm doing something right) to have the volunteers play jingle bells.  Sarah who knows her colors should have been able to handle it.  Instead she spent the time putting the bell on her face.  Cody, who I was worried didn't know his color later told me he had the orange bell.  But he spent the whole time just ringing it willy nilly.  

They really had a good time.  Cody was especially proud of playing the bell.

Ho ho ho!
10 days till Christmas!

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