Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Cotton Snowmen

On the 5th Day of Christmas we made cotton ball snowmen.  And the kids loved it!  Of course, with their new discovery of glue I figured they'd enjoy this.

Cody was really into this project.  He excitedly participated in each step and was doing it mostly by himself with a little guidance.  Sarah is such a big girl when it comes to projects like this.  She understood and set right too it.

Showing Cody how to put the cotton balls on the glue.  Look closely and you can see he's concentrating real hard because he's sticking his tongue out.

Sarah carefully mashed each cotton ball down so it would stick real good.

Cody saying he was ready for more glue to do the next layer.

Carefully filling up his snowman with cotton balls.  He did at first think they were marshmallows but did not like the taste of them.

Sarah meticulously placed her snowman's accessories on the cotton balls.

I could tell Cody really enjoyed this project because he was excited about each step and didn't ask to go to bed.  He even wanted to hold up his snowman when he was all done and show it off.

Cody's Snowman.

Sarah's snowman.

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