Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Cody's Gift

I've talked about wanting to potty train Cody on here before.  Yes, mostly I think I'm jealous of all the other boys Cody's age whose parents have started and a lot of them have finished the process.  And I KNOW that starting before they are ready will end in a miserable failure and frustration on everyone's part.  But it comes to a point when you get tired of changing man sized poops.

Cody will tell you immediately after he poops that he wants a change.  He will cry and beg you to change his diaper as he tries to climb up to the top of the changing table.  He can tell you that big boys poop in the potty, but he quickly follows that up with, "I poop in diaper."  He is stubborn.

So I've been talking to Cody a lot of about how we need to start potty training and telling him all the exciting things he gets while he potty trains to try to get him excited to start.  I must have mumbled under my breath a few too many times that what mommy wants for Christmas is for him to potty train because as couple of weeks ago he started saying this:

Yes, the first time it was spontaneous, I didn't feed him the answer.  Of course, now he says it because he knows he'll get a laugh.  I think he honestly thinks I want a train full of toilets.

A couple of nights ago Chris and I were deciding what kind of things to put in the kids stockings for Christmas.  He suggested socks because they both need some that actually fit.  Yeah, I still put Cody in size 6 month socks.  They are more like no shows now.  And I'm sure there's a few pairs that Sarah needs to get rid of as well.  Then Chris suggested some underwear too.

Last night at dinner, once again trying to get Cody excited about starting to use the potty after Christmas I asked him what kind of big boy undies he'd want and started listing some suggestions.  He yelled, "No big boy undies!  I wear diapers!"  And gave me the stink eye that he does so well.  So I started asking him about what kind of candy he would like for potty training.  He was still hesitant and argumentative.  So I tried the M&M bribe.

Me, "Cody, do you like M&Ms?"
Cody, "Yes."
Me, "Do you want M&Ms to go potty?"
Cody, "No.  I not sit potty."
Me, "What if I buy you the biggest bag of M&Ms to go potty.  Then will you do it."
Cody, thinking about it, "Yes, big bag M&Ms I sit potty."
Me, "Ok, so what kind of big boy undies do you want me to get you."

Cody, slowly so I'd understand, "First, you buy big bag M&Ms."  And followed it up with the stink eye.

Yes, my 2 year old basically told me that first I got to put up the big bag of M&Ms before we can further discuss potty training.  So guess what he's getting in his stocking for Christmas.  A Costco bag of M&Ms and some big boy undies of my choosing.  It's time to sit potty buddy.

I've also decided since Chris is taking off Thursday and Friday after we get home from TX that he's going to pull a Dennis and get it done in one weekend.  So Cody and Chris are going to do the male bonding Thursday-Sunday and I hope that it works.

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  1. "Pull a Dennis.." Hilarious! The plan sounds perfect.. Wait til dad's home and have him to do. Good luck guys!