Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Christmas Music for Sunday Evening

On the 3rd Day of Christmas we went to the Christmas concert our stake puts on every year.  I love Christmas music, and the kids seem to enjoy it so I was hoping even though it would be past bed time that they'd behave throughout the show.  There were about 18 acts I think.

I love it when Cody spontaneously gives compliments.  Sarah is free with praise but Cody, not so much.  So when he tells me, "Mommy look beautiful" it's very sweet.  After the first performance which was a really cool piano piece where 3 people played the same piano at once, he said, "That was wonderful!"  And while both of them played a fair amount on the bench with some toys we brought they also would pause frequently to look at the performers.

We were even in it!  I recently had our primary purchase kids handbells and so we put together Christmas Bells.  Normally it's not kosher to clap in an LDS worship service.  And I remember we went to this a few years ago pre-kids and when people started clapping I cringed it made me so uncomfortable.  This year, thankfully, the MC made it a point to say at the beginning that while yes, we don't clap during performances during our worship services, this is a special concert (as opposed to a service) and clapping is encouraged.  It took all the awkward, I want to clap but I don't feel like we should feelings away.  It also loosened up the cell phone use so when I saw some mom's pull out their phones to take videos of their kiddos I quickly passed Chris mine and asked him to do the same.

It's hard to see her, but Sarah is the little head on the front row between the 3rd and 4th bell ringer.

Apparently Chris should have kept recording.  During the refreshments afterwards I was told the best part was when Sarah danced and twirled her way back down the aisle to her seat.  I had missed this show because I was cleaning up and gathering back the bells.  She's such a the little performer.

After our bell performance Cody was quite convinced that he was supposed to get a turn.  From then out after every act he said "My turn!"  At first he was quite indignant and really thought he was supposed to have a turn.  But by the end he knew he was just saying it to be silly and was no longer trying to inch his way up to the mic.  Note to self, let Cody sing in the children's group next year.

It was a lovely program and I'm glad the kids didn't have complete and total melt downs.  They actually sat more quietly on the pew for this then they do Sacrament meeting.

Ho ho ho!
9 more days until Christmas!

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