Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Christmas 2013

We certainly had a very non traditional Christmas this year.  It's a Schwartz year which means we were supposed to spend the night and Ma and Pa Schwartz's Christmas Eve and wake up and do Christmas morning there.  However, I am really suffering with excruciating hip pain and it is at its worse at the end of the day and first thing in the morning so I'd like to avoid people during those times.  Plus, the thought of sleeping on a futon when I can barely find a comfortable position on my temper pedic mattress sent chills down my spin.  Not to mention that I basically cry as I limb walk to the bathroom a few times a night and have to hold myself up on every wall and counter space I pass.  So I asked Chris if it'd be possible for us to bow out of Christmas Eve this year.  He timidly asked his parents and we were both very surprised to find out that Adam and Melissa had already backed out of Christmas Eve celebrations so there weren't any Christmas Eve plans.

So for the first time in our kids lives we'd spend Christmas at home doing our own traditions, leaving out our own cookies for Santa, and waking up in our own beds.  It was wonderful!  Different, but wonderful.  

Chris got them up and kept them in Sarah's room so I could get ready to take those glorious pictures of them seeing the tree for the first time with presents.  It didn't go so well.
Sarah just gave me the "Mom, why are you being a paparazzi?" eye.

And Cody flat out didn't want his picture taken.  In fact, he's saying, "I no want picture!"

After that they rushed over to their stockings that Santa fills and found their (unwrapped) present Santa left.
Sarah got the Singing Ariel doll she wanted.  It's all she asked for and as much I really didn't want Santa to bring it because I could tell by the looks it will drive me nuts she really didn't ask for anything else.  How could I say no to her one request.  And yes, it was the most annoying toy in the house until Auntie Cam's gifts arrived.

And new socks!  

Santa also brought Cody the only thing he asked for, the Planes movie.  We watched it together after breakfast and everyone loved it.

Santa left Cody a couple of new trains in his stocking.

And new socks!  (I might have still been cramming his foot into 3-6 month size socks.)

I am really proud of us this Christmas.  Chris and I talked about it and we wanted to keep it simple.  Our kids our young.  They already have more toys then they can play with.  And the thought of buying things just to buy things drives me nuts.  I'm seriously not that person.  So we decided 3 gifts would be sufficient aside from a few small stocking stuffers.  One from Santa, and 2 from mommy and daddy.  

We got Sarah some My Little Ponies.  
She was also a present opening pro opening one at a time and showing me so I could take a picture.  

We got Cody a cool set of construction duplos.  

What's in the bag?

Cody opening his cool new toy.  We were all really excited about this one.

Studying it!
It's a hot wheels track that attaches to the wall.  I love it!  You can buy expansions for it and they all hang on the wall with command strips.  No clutter on my floors.  Doesn't have to be cleaned up after they are done playing cause it's stuck to the wall.  Fantastic.  I can see him getting a set for his next couple of birthdays and Christmases. 

Cody also got his potty training pack just like we agreed to.  A pack of big boy undies and a bag of M&Ms as big as his head.  He was no happy.  He quickly threw them aside and said, "I no wear these!"

Opening presents from Auntie Em and Uncle David.

Cody bringing me my present from Chris.  I only wanted one thing and I got it.  The dvd collection of Roger's and Hammersteins.  

Chris looking at what I got him.

I had a key chain made for him from Formia.  I scanned in the drawing Sarah did of their daddy daughter date and had it cut and engraved out of titanium. 

Sarah showing off her new cowgirl costume.  She even got red boots.

Playing with the cool new train track from Uncle Pete and Aunt Elizabeth.

How many Schwartz men does it take to set up a hot wheels track?

Monday night, Vickie called and told us Christmas at the Schwartz house was canceled because 2 of Adam and Melissa's kids had the flu.  I'm definitely not a fan of cross contamination especially since even though I make Chris and the kids get the flu shot I never do.  However, I really couldn't fathom not spending Christmas with family.  That's what you do.  Christmas isn't about the presents it's about being together with your family.  So open presents, don't open presents, I don't care.  But what I do care about is gathering together and sharing a meal with your family on Christmas day.  It's a Schwartz year, therefore we needed to spend time with Schwartz family.  So Christmas Eve, we were those people shopping at Kroger getting all the stuff to make a real Christmas dinner.  On Christmas, Chris smoked a ham, and I made an apple pie.  We had other fixings too but those were the main stars and we had Dennis and Vickie out for Christmas dinner.  Again, it was not our traditional way of doing Schwartz Christmas, but it was better than not spending any time with them on Christmas.  I'm glad we were able to enjoy some time with them.  The kids loved showing grandma and grandpa the new toys they got.  And I'm pretty sure Dennis liked the hot wheels track as much as Cody and Chris did.  

Now I'm exhausted, after 13 days of Christmas activities, it's time for me to take a day off.  Tomorrow Chris can take care of the kids and then we'll tackle taking Christmas decorations down.

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