Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Candied Christmas Trees

On the 6th Day of Christmas, we made candied Christmas trees.

Last year we got invited to a fun cookie decorating playdate.  I thought that would be fun to do, but we decorate cookies as a family.  So, I decided to make Christmas trees out of waffle cones with the kids instead.  I also invited a few friends over because if I was making green buttercream frosting it was going to make way more than I needed and not be worth cutting the recipe down to a quarter to hopefully just have the small amount my kids would need.  So we decided to make it a play date.  Jen and Annie both brought a wide selection of candies, which worked out great because the sprinkles I had mostly just bounced off the cones.  Whoops!

I was also pleasantly surprised that it wasn't a complete and total mess in my kitchen.  I think it helped they were using candies and as many went on the tree also went in their mouths.  Plus, if any accidently hit the floor, Jen's 10 month old was there to gobble it up as quick as possible.

Sarah, Cody, Jack, and Jessie 

Decorating their trees.

It was fun to watch them.  Cody who hates to have messy hands quickly complained when they got sticky and kept asking for help, which sometimes I'd help and sometimes I'd let him work it out.  However, if I ignored his pleas too long he just started eating the candy.

Sarah and one of her trees.

While Sarah carefully organized and placed her candies on her tree right where she wanted them.  I'm really enjoying watching her do these crafts.  I guess I should add more crafts into our routine. 

Fine you won't help, I'll just eat the candy.

I passed out the butter knives for the kids to use to put the frosting on themselves.  Jack was quick to say, "Whoa, I never get a knife at home."  Ha!  I figured the kids would like chance to do it themselves.  And they did it for the most part.  We adults just had to step in and smooth it out a bit for them.

Of course, by the 3rd tree most of the frosting was going into her mouth.

Even Cody wanted to try to do the frosting himself.  But only after he saw Sarah licking her knife.

We had enough cones for everyone to make 3 each.  But my kids were dying to eat their so I let them dive in.
The beautiful products.

Sugar coma setting in for Cody.

While Sarah is turning into the sugar filled Hulk.

After pumping them full of sugar I set them loose on my house.  While I'm pretty strict with my kids about one toy out at a time there's no way to be a good play host and enforce that rule.  So as long as it was in the two bedrooms I didn't care.  We sat back and had a good chat while the kids got EVERY toy out of the closet.  Thankfully, I was able to nip in the room and put them all away while the kids had lunch at the end.  It's just easier for me to put things away where they go so I was glad the other mom's didn't notice or didn't try to enforce a help clean up rule.  Staying out the way is the most help you can give me and my OCD.  Ha!

But seriously, the kids were awesome and they seemed to really have a good time crafting and playing together.  And I'm glad we were able to get a little mom down time in this busy season.  Too bad next year Jessie and Jack will be in Kindergarten.  If I want to keep this one on the calendar I'll have to work around school schedules.  

Half way there!
6 More Days until Christmas!

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