Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Breakfast with Santa 2013

On the 9th Day of Christmas, we had breakfast with Santa at the fire station.  I'm pretty sure this was Chris's favorite activity so far.  It wasn't officially on the calendar but it was in the back of my mind to look for when our friends the Brooks would mention it on Facebook.  They were the ones that tipped us off to it last year and it's definitely a worthy cause and a wonderful meal.

And all the stereotypes about firemen knowing how to cook and passing out big portions is so true.  I think that's why this is Chris's favorite event.  That and because they always ask him to join the volunteer firefighters.  Maybe it's because I'm a little hungry right now but I want to give a run down of the food that they had oh so good!  Waffles, pancakes, french toast sticks, bacon, sausage patties, eggs, fried potatoes, biscuits, and sausage gravy.  Oh man!  And they dish it up by the mounds and don't mind if you want seconds.  

The kids ate a bit but were dying to get to Santa.  Cody after every bit would say, "I talk to Santa now."  So we finally let them go ahead and get some lap time with the big man.  They had a volunteer there taking pictures and emailing them to you.  So here's the pictures we got at the breakfast.

This year Santa also passed out presents to the kids.  Cody got a couple of cars and Sarah got a jigsaw puzzle.  Both of them were very excited.  They also expanded the kids activities this year.  They had 3 crafts set up in an adjacent room for the kids to do.

Cody made an icicle ornament.

And he said he wanted to make the Christmas light finger paint activity.  But he lied.  Cody hates getting sticky.  HATES it.  He flips out.

Sarah on the other hand was very excited to make her finger paint craft.

The lady in charge of the crafts helped Sarah so I could take pictures.  And we thought if Cody watched Sarah do it he might be more willing.  No dice.  

Adding her lights.

Cody's finished product.  I love his face!

Sarah's finished product.

While Sarah's painting dried we worked on the other crafts.

Cody and Chris working on his puzzle frame.

Sarah making her icicle ornament.

That icicle ornament was one of those moments for me when I realize Sarah's growing up.  Cody couldn't string the beads himself.  He couldn't even get close.  But Sarah now has the dexterity to do it and I was amazed.  

Sarah making her jigsaw puzzle frame.

Since Cody loves fire trucks we made sure to stop on the way out to climb up on one and take a picture.  But it was raining so that's why Sarah has such a terrible look on her face.

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