Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Schwartz's vs the 12 Day of Christmas

 Last year I was inspired by my friend Bekah, who does 25 days of Christmas crafts with her 5 kids, to start a new tradition.  Except, I can't do 25 days of anything (hence why I've never finished JM's 30 Day Shred).  And I definitely don't have the patience to do 25 crafts with my children.  So last year we started the 12 days of Christmas activities.  I try to balance activities that involve going out and doing things and fun cute crafts the kids can make at home.  I also write it all down and plan it so I know what I need to be prepared to do on what day.  Yes, this is what my December calendar looks like for activities:

Now, some of those weren't necessarily Christmas activities, written down a few of the day involved Chris's school schedule so I could remember when he was studying for what final so I wouldn't bug him too much prepping for our big event to kick of the 12 Days celebration.

We're excited about doing this together.  I think I have a really good mix of activities planned that the kids will enjoy and that we'll all enjoy as a family.  I've also written down on the 26th that "Natalie sleeps all day".  Ha!

Tonight though we got a bonus activity added to the mix.  Last year the Town of Atoka started having Santa ride around on the fire truck.  He went to just the big neighborhoods so we didn't get to see him so when the map went up I assumed it was the same and ignored it.  At about 7:30, I got a text from a neighbor saying Santa was supposed to be coming through our neighborhood.  We had just gotten our kids down about 10 minutes ago so I thought what the heck.  I threw open their doors and said "Quick! Put your shoes on Santa is coming on a fire truck!

Sarah who loves to delay bedtime as much as humanly possible was thrilled with this new plan.  Cody was also very excited and he happily yelled, "Good mommy cause I woke up!"  To which I explained that he never really went to sleep.  But we bundled our kids up and headed to the drive way to wait.  And wait.  And the kids excitedly yelled, "Santa, where are you!"  Santa was late and I just about gave up hope and abandoned our kids with Chris because I was cold.  But then we heard the sirens and the fire truck honking and sure enough he came down our street.

Photo credit: I stole this off the Town of Atoka facebook page

Sarah waving at Santa

Watching and waving as Santa drove by.

For me, personally, it was a little anti-climatic.  But I was also grumpy because I was cold.  Santa came flying down our street (he was probably going about 20 mph).  So it was  quick wave and there he went.  I've heard in the earlier neighborhoods they slowed down to almost a stop so the kids could wave and he could ho ho ho and stuff.  But I guess by the time they got to us they realized they were behind schedule and flew through our little street.  Oh well, the kids didn't mind.  They were very excited and could have cared less that it was freezing.  I'm not sure which Cody was more excited about, Santa or the fire truck.  

It's a nice little tradition that our small town has started.  And it was a great way to get the ball rolling for our 12 Days celebration.

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  1. I love that they went through more neighborhoods this year and outs was on the list lol. We were Friday though and the weather was bad but we still went out and sat in the car until he got there