Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Schwartz's vs the Wright-Patterson Air Force Museum

Since we went to the Naval Aviation Museum when we were in Pensacola over the summer, Cody has been in love with planes.  So when Chris asked if we could go to the Air Force Museum in Dayton while we were visiting Pete for Thanksgiving I thought it was a great plan.  This museum was kind of cool, and had we been to this one first I'd probably think higher of it.  But the problem is we went to the Navy one first, and the Navy one is waaaaaaaay better than the Air Force one.  The Navy one is really made for kids.  There is so much for them to touch and do.  The Air Force one is made for adults.  Lots of interesting things to read and cool planes to look at, but very little for kids to touch and experience.  

Here's a few pictures we took while we were at the museum.

Astronaut Sarah
Slightly ironic they have this suit set up for you to take pictures and then wrapped around the waist of it they have a sign that says, "Do not touch!".

The lighting in the hangers was a little dim so we had a hard time getting a group picture.  This one was well lit so mom snapped a quick pic of us.

Natalie, Cody, Chris, Sarah, David

Flight Training Mishap set up

Cody was hilarious at this display of the crashed plane.  With a big grumpy face he said, "I crashed it!" He told everyone that he broke the plane and he crashed it.  The look on his face while he'd confess to this sin had me rolling with laughter.

Cool sea plane

I like the paint job on it.

Over in the one room that had a few things kids could touch they had a simulator where you were supposed to dock at the ISS.
Sarah flying the simulator.  Cody cheering her on.

I'm pretty sure Sarah either crashed or flew far off course.  

Daddy's turn to fly the space ship.  Cody's helping.

Sarah inside a plane.

You can tell how interested I was in all the planes since I can't tell you what any of them are.  Anyway, above was the only plane you were able to walk through.  After we all went through it Sarah begged to do it again by herself.  At that point I realized just how hard up she was for entertainment at this place.  

Fun fact, see the tube above Sarah's head.  When this plane was in use that was the crew's passage.  The walk way we passed through was created by cutting out the middle section of the wings.

Some fighter jet.  Chris could tell you what it is.

Cute prop plane the kids wanted their picture in front of.

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