Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Schwartz's vs Potty Training Envy

I hated potty training Sarah.  It was not fun.  And unlike child birth and the whole labor process, there are not enough endorphins in my brain to make me forget what a giant pain in the butt it was to potty train Sarah.  However, I sure do enjoy the independence it gives us both.

I started potty training Sarah when she was 2.5 years old.  I think it took about a month of constant reminders and stickers and bribes before she was consistently accident free.  And I still continued to bribe her with stickers and marshmallows for probably another 2 months after that.

She got marshmallows, stickers, prizes, uninterrupted iPad time, and much praise for going on the potty.  So while she expressed no interest in it, she never really fought me over it.

Enter Cody, the stubborn mule.

Cody has a handful of other BOYS we know that range from 6 months older to a couple weeks younger.  And my facebook feed is FULL of potty training victory stories coming from those families.  Yes, even kids a few weeks younger than Cody are using the big boy potty.  And while I had relatively easy time with Sarah at 2.5 and so planned on starting Cody around that time, all of a sudden I have severe potty training envy.  I want my son to want to be potty trained.  I'm tired of changing man sized poopy diapers!

We had a play date with Connor yesterday.  He's on day 5 of potty training and is doing great.  I bragged to Cody about Connor wearing big boy undies and using the big boy potty.  Cody looked at me like he could care less.  When we got home I asked, "Cody what do you get if you sit on the potty?"  Cody said, "nem in nems!"  "So, Cody, do you want to go sit on the potty and get M&Ms?" Cody's response was an emphatic, "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!"

And so, with many conversations like this I let it go again.  Even though he comes to me as soon as he poops and demands to be changed and tries to climb up on his table.  I mean, if he really doesn't want to sit on the potty I can't make him.

Then this morning during breakfast, he looked at me and for the first time ever said, "Mommy, I just went pee pee in my diaper."  WHAT!  Complain about poop, yes, he does that, tell me when he pees.  NO.  That's it!

So I thought I'd enlist Sarah's help.  "Sarah, tell Cody about all the fun things you got when you were learning how to go potty."

Well, when I was a baby.  When I'd sit on the potty, I'd get to play Mommy's mypad.  And I'd get marshmallows.  And I'd get stickers.  And, and, and, when I was all clean a bunch of times I'd get to pick out new princesses.  And, then, when I woke up all clean I got to pick on new panties.  See!  Look!  I got these pretty Merida panties!  

And Cody if you sit on the potty, you can get M&Ms.  And I don't get M&Ms anymore because I'm not a baby.  Of course, then she started to pout and was no longer helpful.

So, Cody.  Do you want to pick out some big boy undies?

Yeah!  Car undies.  Mater undies!

And we can pick out some new cars for you to earn when you go potty 5 times!

Yeah!  New cars!

And we can go to the store and get a big bag of M&Ms for you to get when you go potty.  You get 1 M&M for sitting on the potty, 5 for peeing in potty, and 10 for pooping in the potty.  How does that sound.

Nem in Nems!

And here, I think I'm on a roll.  Ok, Cody, so are you ready to be a big boy and sit on the potty.


Whomp, whomp.  I guess we'll try again after Thanksgiving.  That should give me a solid month between travel plans.  Of course if it works it puts me traveling for 16 hours in a car with a barely potty trained toddler.  So maybe we should start after Christmas.  New Years Resolution perhaps?

I tried to get a picture of Cody's classic stink eye.  That boy can shoot daggers.  I see it many times a day.  However, I missed the picture opportunity and when I tried to get him to do it again, he just growled at me.  So here's Cody growling at me.  

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  1. I have no advice, which you are probably thankful for. Ha! Potty training sucks. I feel you Sister.