Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Schwartz's vs My Budding Van Gogh

Sarah colors tons of pictures every day.  It's her favorite thing to do at the gym.  And the wonderful ladies in the nursery always save them for me.  Sometimes I'm forced to take them home because Sarah sees them pick up the stack.  Most times I'm able to sneak out of there without ANOTHER coloring of hello kitty.  

Last Thursday, I was especially grateful that they save the pictures for me.  Sarah has recently started expressing her imagination through drawing pictures.  Real, honest to goodness legit pictures.  Not the normal scratches of lines and circles and her telling me its supposed to be something.  They are finally starting to look like something.  And this was the first time I ever wanted to save the pictures.  

This is a picture of her best friend Jessie.  I think it's hilarious and cute.  She was very proud of it.  

But this next one is the reason I'm eternally grateful for the ladies for saving these pictures and listening to Sarah when she rambles on about them.  Because this is a heart warmer that makes me smile.

This is Daddy and Sarah on a date.

And here's what the ladies told me Sarah said while talking about this picture.
"This is my daddy.  He smiles all the time, and he works all day long.  But we're going on a date.  See, this is Daddy and Sarah on a date."

Sarah and Chris do have a daddy-daughter date coming up next weekend.  I told her about it recently to help her make good choices.  She's trying to earn a ticket for that date.  So right now she's very excited and talks about her date with daddy every day.  

But I really love that the first thing she told the ladies is, "he smiles all the time".  Chris is a wonderful dad.  He does work all day long, and most nights because of school.  So I'm glad when she thinks of her daddy she thinks of the special one on one time she gets with him and how he smiles all the time.  

When she got home, she apparently wasn't done drawing pictures about her date with daddy.  She immediately asked for the crayons so she could draw this one.

Mommy and Cody

She told me, "this is a picture of you Mommy and Cody.  You guys miss me a whole bunch because I'm on a date with daddy."

Then she hung it up on the fridge.  But decided it needed something else.  So she got a crayon and wrote a note on the top.  It supposedly says, "Mommy and Cody, it's ok that you are going to miss me while I'm on a date with daddy.  Try to have fun anyway."

Ok sweetie.  I'll try.

Since then while I'm cooking dinner she's been asking for a stack of computer paper and crayons and she sits there and draws pictures for her friends and family.  Some of them are good.  Some are a little lame and I tell her when it's not her best work.  (i.e. she reverts back to just scribbling lines and drawing circles.)

Here are another couple of ones I thought were worth sharing.

Her birthday party.

Sarah is obsessively planning her birthday party right now.  I hear about it every day.  This is a picture of all the people she's inviting to the party at that moment, the list changes frequently.  From left to right: Mommy, 2 unfinished unnamed people, Cody, Keesa, Sarah, Jessie, and Daddy.

And lastly the most random and inventive story to accompany a picture.
Mommy and an apple

Sarah said, "Mommy this is a picture of you.  You are sad because Cody got squished by a car and broke his head.  He ran out into the street to chase after this apple balloon.  You told him not to run in the street.  But he didn't listen and he got squished!"  

She was quite animated while telling this story.  She has also been very helpful since drawing this picture at enforcing the hand holding in the parking lot rule.  I have no idea where that came from but it was certainly imaginative.  


  1. Kids are the best! Sarah's pictures are adorable. You and dad are doing great with your 2 sweet little ones. I love that she gets so excited about date night with Daddy. We need to try something like that on our end. Great Job! Can't wait to see how baby number 3 fits into you sweet family.

  2. Awww!!!! I was all sniff-sniff emotional about the Chris part and then Cody got his head squished! Too many emotions for me! Hahaha! Love the pictures, that is by far my favorite thing to see, the first "people" pictures the kids draw. Love it.